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Nazo no Shounen

Japanese name: 謎の少年
Nickname: Anti, Gridknight, Mysterious Boy, Knight
A sentient Kaiju with the capacity to copy all of Gridman's powers, he assumes the form of a human boy when not in combat. He was created to counter Gridman and would even interfere with Akane's monsters for that sole purpose, even though this would often result in him being beaten or put down by Akane for his insubordination. In his human form, his weapon is a handheld buzzsaw. Despite Anti's insistence of being a Kaiju, Gridman refuses to kill him as the youth slowly develops into a sentient being rather than a creation empowered by Akane's hatred. After being disowned by Akane, Anti becomes committed to find a new purpose and his action of defending Gridman results in the former's evolution as Gridknight. Anti was stabbed by Alexis during an attempt to rescue Akane from her monster form and later on initiates Access Flash before succumbing to his injuries. He was nursed to health by Anosillus the 2nd, with his scarred left eye fully healed.
As Gridknight, his attacks include Gridknight Circular and Gridknight Storm.

Voice by: Kenichi Suzumura


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