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Japanese name: ウィスパー
Nickname: "Wisupā"
Whisper is a Rank C Drain-attribute Yo-kai of the Slippery tribe.

Whisper is one of the mascots of the Yo-kai Watch franchise. In the games, he often refers to himself as the player's "Yo-kai butler", offering them advice and assistance wherever necessary.

Despite talking in a polite and well-mannered demeanor, he has a slightly uptight personality and a short temper, leading him to come off sounding a tad arrogant. As the Yo-kai Whisper, he prides himself in knowing all there is to know about Yo-kai, yet often finds himself hastily checking through the Yo-Kai Encyclopedia when confronted by one. He seems to enjoy lecturing those around him. Whisper's voice ranges from low tones to high tones, sometimes within the same sentence, thus resulting in an odd and comical manner of speaking. He frequently says "Whis~" in the Japanese version of the anime.

In the English dub, Whisper has a more curt personality and has a frequent usage of biting sarcasm, and has a tendency to insult people at the first chance he has.

In the anime he frequently doubts, or outright rejects, the possibility that a Yo-kai is behind strange events and claims Nate has a 'bad habit of blaming Yo-kai for everything', despite Nate's suspicions almost always being correct. Contrarily, in the games Whisper is usually the first to suspect Yo-kai involvement and is generally a much more competent and intelligent character.

Voice Actor: Seki Tomokazu

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