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Nails Badou

Japanese name: バドー・ネイルズ
Badou Nails, also known as the "Gun Smoker", is a chain-smoking, freelance information broker and photographer. Aside from his noticeable red hair, Badou wears an eyepatch on his right eye as a result of a tragedy seven years ago, in which he was attacked by Richter Berthein. As Heine's "work" partner during missions given out by Granny Liza, they are known by most of their adversaries as "White Hair and Eye-Patch," and share a dysfunctional bond. His mood directly corresponds to the availability of cigarettes and the level of nicotine in his blood, which can swing from either ecstatic elation to outright snapping into a murderous rampage. He had an older brother named Dave, whom he believes is dead. His brother was a P.I., and is the reason Badou began smoking at an early age and became a freelance broker himself. In Dogs, he uses a pair of Ingram MAC-10 machine pistols.


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