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Japanese name: 酒井戸 / 鳴瓢 秋人
Nickname: Narihisago Akihito
A renowned detective assisting in investigating and analyzing serial killer ID-Wells. His real name is Akihito Narihisago, but during his time in ID-Wells he is referred to as the brilliant detective Sakaido. In the past it is shown that he was once a happy family man with a daughter named Muku. Two years prior to the current events Muku was murdered by a serial killer nicknamed the Challenger, leading Narihisago to kill the Challenger out of revenge. He is sentenced to prison for this, and is placed in the maximum security section with other killers. Feeling guilty for not being able to protect Muku, her death continues to haunt Narihisago and gives him nightmares. However having killed someone, he is now able to enter ID-Wells and retrieve information in serial killer cases. He is shown to have no empathy for serial killers, and has unintentionally talked several of them into committing suicide, something the investigation team is uncomfortable with.


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