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Japanese name: ルキ
One of the twin sisters, who carry replaceable blades instead of arms. The twins are identical in their short height and slight figure. Both have short blue-green hair and have heterochromia in their eyes in the reverse form of each other.Luki`s left eye is black and Noki has a black right eye. They wear matching outfits that differ only in color. Luki's short rabbit-tailed dress, rabbit-eared hat, and boots are all black with pink fur trim and pink pompoms. Her leggings are black and pink with wider pink stripes. Noki's outfit is identical but with the colors switched, her outfit being mainly pink with black fur trim. The sleeves of their dresses are long and large enough to hide their respective weapons. Luki, dressed mostly in black, has a giant, oversized knife hidden in her right sleeve and throws smaller knives. Their temper is child-like and, normally, girls act cheerfully and playfully.They make a game out of killing and violence and work under Einstürzen. Origin


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