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Page 29
I am the seventeenth person to register on this website P: Anyway, I have a lot of figures but none of them are listed yet! I am lazy and will add some later.
Rafira Australia
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And that's how my beloved Suzu looks now ~^_^~ I appreciate the pose. So expressive! And her face is so happy! Did you know that Tonkatsu (pig's name) means a cutl...
Glory Russia
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Lets start with a cruel story! Suzu from Kotobukiya is one of my favorite figure. Although she happened to become a very unfortunate one. Sit closer, kids... ...I got her from HLJ. Broken. As you can see, she has a big ponytail. It's also quite...
Glory Russia
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ellen Russia
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Vallefor Russia
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Today was a Soul Ccalibur day. We have invited our friend Ins and my girlfriend's Setsuka pwnd his Mitsurugi *_* VS...
Vallefor Russia
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