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Итак.... Написал мне милый парень, с просьбой поискать фигмы, а так же некоторые комплитки. Искал дорогие фигурки с Сейбер. Сошлись кое на чем, решил он у меня забронировать несколько фигурок. Mikasa DX Good Smil, Saber Lily - Golden Caliburn (Go...
figures i'm raging
mieri Japan
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I really need some help! Her ..erm... leek thingy fell of her stomach part. (Because I'm a noob, and disgrace to the nerd community). I tried super gluing the tips together, but they're so tiny and fragile that they just fall apart again when I at...
figures question i'm raging
cupcakedreams Iceland
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Recently I made an order with Toys Logic (an american anime figure relater) and had an issue with it. This isn't the first time this has happened either. So I thought I'd share my negative experiences with them. The fist issue I had with them was...
review otaku life
mu597 USA
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Warning wall of text ahead! Today I received my 3AA membership kit. Due to an error effecting US technically this is not Mine as the name on the card and shirt size are wrong. 3A seems to be doing a poor job addressing this issue as people (includ...
mu597 USA
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I got a bunch of new figures recently but before I talk abought the others there are some things I want to say about Figma Black Gold Saw as I found her to be somewhat disappointing. The most obvious problem with mine is that she has a scratch o...
figures review
mu597 USA
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Today I received the last of my December orders. Figma Miyafuji and movie Haruhi. I have nothing intersecting to say about Haruhi She is what She is. But I must admit that I really like how Miyafuji came out as a Figma She is much cuter than...
figures review loot
mu597 USA
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