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Hello everyone! I recently completed some "dye" removal efforts on two of my RAH figures, so figured I'd share the outcome so you can determine if this is something you'd like to try or not. First of all, as mentioned in large bold te...
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Stacycmc USA
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Hello all!!! Today I am back with more RAH a broken record, I know, sorry!! So if you've read any of my last few articles, you know that I have been on the hunt and experimenting around with repairs and replacement parts/bodies for...
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Stacycmc USA
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Hello MAS!! I have been researching potential fixes and body swap options for RAH figures for a while now, so after a long struggle to find the information I was after, I just wanted to share I have successfully swapped out my Medicom RAH Light Ya...
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Stacycmc USA
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BE WARNED: SPOILERS I visited Tokyo last month and decided to take some shots of places from Steins;Gate visual novel. I guess it's a good timing since Steins;Gate 0 is released on Steam in couple days. Here's all accessible outdoor locations...
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norfolk_s3d Russia
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Доброго времени! Сегодняшний туториал по подставке - каменная дорожка. Шаг 1. Понадобится круглая заготовка из МДФ или дерева. Купить можно в хобби магазинах,или выпилить самостоятельно (как я и сделала). Шаг 2. Берем любую полимерную г...
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Ksana Russia
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A little while ago I was posing my revoltech Nowa and i discovered that her weapon breaks really easily. It's made out of two parts which are glued together at a really small point. you can see the section in the picture below. After i was don...
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mu597 USA
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