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In my last blog post, I mentioned that even though my Otakon coverage is done, I still have one more thing to talk about. Well, here it is: Otakon wasn't the only convention I went to Baltimore earlier this month. The weekend before Otakon, the Ba...
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Sorry it took so long to post this, as I've been busy since the convention (i.e. work, a trip to Arundel Mills, and me being hooked on Tales of Xillia). However, at long last, I'm finally able to post my pictures of the cosplay and other neat things...
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WARNING: Due to the amount of pictures that appear in this blog post, it may make take a while for all the pictures to load on slower machines My Katsucon report continues with the cosplay. Ever since I first started attending the con in 2002, Kat...
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The Otakon 2012 report continues. This time, the coverage focuses on the cosplay pics, which I took a lot of in my terms (keep in mind that I am somewhat selective and don't take as much cosplay pictures as most people). Starting thing out...
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This year, Katsucon had a lot of variety when it came to cosplay, and it was more than just anime and video games. The following are some of the cosplay that I saw the con. Ordinary cosplay: Dressing up as a character from Puella Magi Madoka M...
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