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One more Preorder of the Year - RAH Rei!

One more Preorder of the Year - RAH Rei!
11 Jun 2010 11:43:32

So it's a fact now - I'm changing my ways as a figure collector. I'm slowly drifting away from figmas and PVC figurines.
I missed figma Rider preorder and now, when she's out, I'm not running around in circles on Ebay, looking for less-overpriced one among heavily-overpriced. I just let it pass.
I see G.E.M. series 1/8 Okita from Gintama (an INSTANT preorder 6 month ago!), add him to the database and let him pass.

I trade all this relatively cheap pleasures for one or two expensive delights. I've got 200$ resin Rider and now I'm going to get my long-awaited RAH Rey Ayanami School uniform ver.

There she is. She is great. Medicom even bothered to add her band-aid hand. It was a sweet moment in Eva 2.22 (mild spoiler), when Rei tried to cook and cut her fingers.

I preordered her from AmiAmi - this is my first order on this site. I usually avoid AmiAmi because they disapprove canceling preorders and I change my mind quite often. But I made a simple calculation:
Basic price - 16800 yen - 184$
HLJ Early bird discount yen - 15960 - 174$
Hobby Search - 14280 yen - 156$

and finally

AmiAmi - 12750 yen - 139$

Too tempting^^ And I won't change my mind on Rei. Oh, and BTW, Medicom also announced Asuka and Mari RAH. But, for now, I'll refrain from getting them too. I'm a Rei-fag only^__^

My only remaining hope is Kaoru and Shinji in school uniforms. For now there is no sight of them, unfortunately.
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mu597 (USA)
11 Jun 2010, 19:10:42
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I'm actually tempted to get the two of them as well, But those prices! :( I have a hard time affording the JoJo figures i want from them. (Not to mention i'm tying to avoid buying evangelion figures in general)
usagi_joou (Russia)
12 Jun 2010, 00:54:53
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the two of them? you mean Rei and Asuka? And why avoiding Eva?
I'm too old for this shit, ain't I?
mu597 (USA)
12 Jun 2010, 08:26:11
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Yeah that's who i meant. I try to avoid buying EVA figures because it's not one of my favorites and there's so many nice figures based on it, I have quite a bit already.
Glory (Russia)
12 Jun 2010, 12:03:51
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I can fully understand your turn towards expensive figurines. Myself, I'm doing kind of the same thing - stick to large scaled completed models instead of cheap action or trading figurines (though I'm not scornful of anyone, many men many minds, you know). Rei looks very attractive here. I hope it would be of excellent quality and you wouldn't regret the purchase.
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