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Movic's Mio Akiyama Original Costume review

Movic's Mio Akiyama Original Costume review
10 Apr 2010 21:41:16

So, finally, I'm done with English FAQ for MAS and can make a post (I don’t blog when I’m on some assignment for MAS)!
Err…actually, I was through with the FAQ some days ago, but this week I had no chance to blog properly because of work…

Anyway, now I’m free (AT LAST!!), sitting in my room listening to Ikimono Gakari and presenting you a review of my Movic Mio Akiyama Original Costume ver.!

Photos of Mio was made by my friend Kirill Kirsanov, who is a amateur but enthusiastic photographer. He is IMO very well equipped^^ He even has a proper pro lightbox where these photos was taken.

For those who may be interested - Kirill provided the list of equipment we used for the photo shoot.
Nikon D700
Nikon 105/2.8 micro VR
Nikon 85/1.4
Nikon SB-800

I don’t really understand these letters and numbers*^__^*, but I assume that the first one is the camera, and the rest are lenses^^


Overall, it’s a very good figure, nicely detailed and carefully painted. But unfortunately – how to put it? – she doesn’t make my heart warm *_*
It’s not that I regret buying it, it’s just she won’t become the gem of my collection. Maybe it’s her leaning pose or the strange base, I don’t know.

Back shot.

Front shot on another angle. Here she looks especially unstable.

Anyway, let’s go on to the details.
What I really love about this Mio is her face. It’s irresistibly cute. Paint job is simply great.

Her expression is very sweet too. I like this angle^^

What attracted me to this figure at the first place is her outfit. This slightly punk/emo concert costume looks great on her. The necktie and a simple shirt.

A side shot. Her breast is quite big and shapy, I like this ^__^!

Multi-layered skirt. Note that the lower layer is made of semi-transparent plastic. I read in some review of this figure that the lower layer looks weird and out of place, cause other layers are just black with no transparency. IMO it’s absolutely all right.

The punk belt

I also especially like Mio’s boots. I wish I had something like this.

Note the carefully painted zipper tongue^^

Guitar deck. Quite detailed.

Strings of Mio’s guitar are real, quite natural looking. I also like her hand sculpt here.

Upper side of the guitar. Sculpt and paint job are inaccurate here ( it annoys me.

The scroll of the guitar, front

…and back. Looks cool.

And now we come to the most annoying part. The base >_< Well, you know, I understand that this… err… outgrowth is for stability. No objections. But who the hell gave the designer (sculptor) this wild idea to make it BLUE?

Why not just TRANSPARENT? White? Glass-like? This intensively blue base gives the whole figure some weird feeling >_< BTW the figure is attached to the base by the screw. Like this.

And here goes the obligatory pantsu-shot. Sadly, it’s not shimopan >_< And it should’ve been!^__^

To finish my review I’ll post a couple of photos with a black background that give Mio this special concert feeling.

Figure on the back is Noemi Ito from eroge “With you”^^

Well, that’s all for it^__^
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mu597 (USA)
10 Apr 2010, 21:05:03
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The base makes me think that her feet are stuck in some sort of evil goo! XD But as someone who has had figures fall over from their own weight I can appreciate the effort.

As for the figure itself she looks nice and maybe is my favorite figure of Mio so far!
usagi_joou (Russia)
11 Apr 2010, 10:53:27
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Yea, a BLUE SLIME MONSTER XD. But this Mio is also my favorite^^
I'm too old for this shit, ain't I?
pluvia33 (USA)
11 Apr 2010, 22:05:12
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Very nice and detailed photo review. But I won't be getting her. I haven't seen any Mio figure yet that really demands me buying it. As you say, none of them "make my heart warm." But I definitely agree with two things you said: The guitar looks great, and the base looks pretty dumb. XP
usagi_joou (Russia)
12 Apr 2010, 07:30:42
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Thanks! I see) even if I bought this one, it's also not perfect for me. I just had to have Mio, cause my BF is a bassist, this figure is a kind of homage^__^
But I'm sure, as we have the 2 season of K-On, we'll have many more Mios, and among them you'll surely find your chosen one :P
I'm too old for this shit, ain't I?
Glory (Russia)
12 Apr 2010, 00:36:45
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Lovely anime-style face, decent pose... but sadly such a grotesque base :( Figurine is more or less ordinary in my opinion after all.
Though I enjoyed macro-pictures of her face very much. Your friend is quite a skillful guy.
The rain beats hard at my window
While you so softly do sleep...
usagi_joou (Russia)
12 Apr 2010, 07:24:33
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Thanks! I'll give him a link, he'll certainly appreciate))
I'm too old for this shit, ain't I?

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