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asspad, figma marisa, and dengeki g's festival

asspad, figma marisa, and dengeki g's festival
08 Jun 2010 03:50:47

it's been a while since i post a blog, because of so many works that needs to be taken care of i don't have some freetime... :((T_T
well here it is

first overall loot for now first we got dengeki g's festival deluxe vol 6

with bonus petit yurippe and

the number 1 otaku wife dakimakura tenshi

too bad right now i don't have 150x50cm dakimakura so i can't put it on right away T_T

and also figma marisa ( i won't open it until i got di;stage base and also some picture from the game of scarlet weather rhapsody for the background diorama... if anyone have it please let me know)

and lastone is the item that i've been waiting for so long.....
it's asspad soniko or the official one call it Super Soniko Puni-M Mouse Pad

finally after sometime this item finally released.... too bad that i'm bit late to pre-order it so i have to find it in YahooAuctionJapan!

from shipping to jpn-jpn-ina+the service for YAJ! the grand total is about $85

that's for now let's move on to the review

i tried to feel the texture of the mousepad and it's soft,
but when i tried to use the mouse on top of it, there is slight friction and that make me a bit scared to use it... but hey if i don't use it why should i but it right :D

there is a difference in of softness of the pad
the pad for the ass is squishy but the part for the... (if you know what i mean) is much squishier, and that's i love it so much :))

the reason i buy this is because i see there is too many oppad in japan and so few for asspad, so hey this is a good chance to buy this (and also because i don't have a mousepad the only thing i have is my cold solid wooden table T_T) and i also like soniko for a long time

if i have to rate this item i have to say 5/5 star, dude this asspad cool!
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Glory (Russia)
07 Jun 2010, 21:09:22
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Ahhahaha :) Yeah, you can call me a pervert (which is probably strange for the girl), but I love the pad design. Bah, but I love almost everything connected with Super Sonico! I can be wrong, but Yamato (I suppose it was Yamato) has announced a very cute figurine of Sonico with a guitar and a fridge - I look forward for it.

Personally I don't have any "special" pad. I used to have a razor one back in times when I was a hard-core WoW player. Now I use none :P

And the magazine reminded me I should continue watching Angel Beats! ^_^"
The rain beats hard at my window
While you so softly do sleep...
torikorino (Indonesia)
07 Jun 2010, 23:26:52
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Hahaha you don't have worried if someone called you pervert. Just be who you are.
Anyway yes the figure for sonico is going to be maked by yamato next and I hope I have spare money to buy it.
But I got so many pre-orders. I'm quite scared to pre-order other figures.

Oh and I want to ask does anyone know about sonicomi? The game with sonico as the main character. If anyone have some info please share :D
torikorino (Indonesia)
08 Jun 2010, 17:05:16
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in other news it seems yamato going to make other version for sonico?

Vallefor (Russia)
07 Jun 2010, 22:06:33
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Lol xD The pad design is really cool.
Bah... and I always remember this motivator, when I look at Soniko xD

MySQL server has gone away
torikorino (Indonesia)
07 Jun 2010, 23:32:47
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"Motivator" good one XD I"ll keep that in mind
usagi_joou (Russia)
08 Jun 2010, 03:40:30
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And I vote for Tenshi pillow. It's uber-cute, I wouldn't mind sleeping on it too! X)
I'm too old for this shit, ain't I?
pineappleskewer (USA)
11 Jun 2010, 15:02:46
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I love the pad~ I would love that one if I lived alone...i-it's like her ass is really jumping out at you! xD Alas, I am stuck using a free pad with a kitten on it.
Oh Japan, why you gotta make everything so darn expensive? ; n;

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