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My New Home

My New Home
18 Mar 2010 23:05:51

Hello everyone! Yesterday I finished my trip moving from Ohio to New Mexico and figured I'd share my experience and some pictures of my new home. First picture we have the UHaul moving truck and auto transport trailer as well as my white minivan beside them:

Yeah, this thing was not fun to drive. The total trip distance from where I was living in Ohio to where I moved to came out to 1666.78 miles (2682.42 km). I got my truck and loaded it up on Saturday and set off on my trip Sunday. But before taking the long haul to New Mexico I stopped at my parents' house in Dayton to visit them one last time (219.72 miles, 353.6 km). I stayed there for a couple days, and sent off on the real journey Tuesday morning. Originally I was going to take three days for the rest of the trip (1447.06 miles, 2328.81 km), but as I drove I got more and more anxious to get to my destination. I ended up driving about half way into Kansas (about 940 miles, 1512 km). I probably shouldn't have driven as much as I did (about 14 hours worth), but I felt fine the whole time. Didn't ever feel like I was going to fall asleep (had Rockstar can coffee to help with that). I ended up sleeping in my truck that night, stopping in a Walmart parking lot. That wasn't very comfortable. It also got much colder in there than I expected. I'm lucky I didn't get sick.

Anyway, I woke up around 4am. Being cold as crap I decided to walk around in Walmart to warm up and wake up. Besides, if I left right away I would have gotten to my destination way too early (especially since I was going back in time an hour through the magic of time zones). I only had about 500 miles (800 km) left to go so it wouldn't be much longer. Eventually I ended up at my new home:

I moved in with an old friend from work named Dallas and her husband Josh. Their old house mate moved to England (he's in the Air Force and got stationed there) so they had two rooms they weren't using anymore. That's actually the guy's old car in the picture. He was supposed to have it towed before he left, but he didn't. He left a lot of stuff behind. I moved back out here in hopes to get a new job with my old office and to get far away from my ex-girlfriend who I was living with up until Sunday. She's not a bad person, it was just extremely awkward.

Anyway, this place is really out in the middle of nowhere (even by New Mexico standards). I tried to fine it based on my Map Quest directions and it was a total failure. I should have realized something was wrong when it said that a road in the directions became an "unnamed road". >_<

So I must have spent nearly an hour driving around trying to find this place with no luck. I ended up finally calling Josh since it was time for him to be finished working (Dallas is currently out of town in training for her new job). We met up at a gas station and he lead me to the house and I realized how badly Map Quest failed me. Just checked Google Maps and their directions actually worked for the address. XP

Anyway, this is an adobe style house. I'm not a big fan of how these types of houses look on the outside, but this looks a lot better than some of the other houses around here. They are also a lot more spacious inside than you'd think from how they look. Here's the main living area:

This is probably about only 1/6 of the total space in the house. That red thing to the right is actually the edge of a futon couch/bed that the old house mate also left. I was actually really happy about that because I was going to look into buying one, now I got one for free! ^_^

Here is a closer picture of the sunk-in sitting area:

It's pretty nice. Really cool that they have a fireplace.

Next we have my room:

Yeah, it's empty. But one of the nice things about the room is that it has a direct door to the back yard. Although I don't know how much I'll be using it since it goes out to the fenced in area where two of the dogs are kept. Here's another angel:

My closets (in which I actually hung up a few shirts already because I had nowhere else to put them) and the ceiling fan light. That's actually really cool because one of the few problems I have with this house is that there isn't much lighting. During the day the place is full of natural light, but at night it's pretty dark in most places. I really don't like being in poorly lit areas, especially when I'm looking at a TV or computer screen. Oh, but there's one major problem with my room right now:

The floor is currently being re-done. It used to be carpet, but they're replacing it with tile. I'm happy with the change, I prefer a hard floor to carpet, but it sucks that I can't move my stuff into my room yet. Josh and I should be getting it finished this weekend. Here's the other room that was left behind by the old house mate:

Yeah, it's going to be my library. I've moved all of my book shelves into there and put most unpacked most of my manga and DVD's onto them. I haven't put them in order yet, though. I just wanted to get them all out of the truck. Here's the other side:

I have a total of 11 full sized 5-shelf book cases plus one half size 3-shelf book case. I actually need to look into buying some more. But again, this room also has a problem:

It's also going through the carpet-to-tile transition. And it's much further behind than my bedroom. They've only just removed the carpet. We still need to pull out these pieces of wood that are around the edges, what the carpet was nailed to, before we can even start putting down tile. Also, Dallas said she wanted to do something different with this room so we'll have to wait for her to come back from training before we even start. Oh well. After my room is done I'll be moving a few of the shelves into there (mainly for my hentai and video game collections) and organize the library a little better just for now.

And then we have this mess:

This is most of the rest of my stuff. All of those plastic bags are what I used for packing material. I also have a few things still in my van (including my big box of figures), but I'll get those out later. I just wanted to make sure to empty the UHaul for now so I can return it tomorrow. And one last indoor picture:

Some packages that were waiting for me when I got here. I know what most of them are. The big one with the fragile sticker is a new figure (I'll be sure to make a picture review about her after I get her out, and hopefully after I get a better camera). The second biggest one with a bunch of tape and labels on it is a bunch of import manga (I'll probably be doing loot/photo reviews for some of them as well). The rest of the boxes are various anime/manga items from various Right Stuf orders (only one thing that I remember for sure should be in there is my copy of the US Blu-ray of Evangelion 1.11). Then the two big envelopes, one of them I'm pretty sure is an issue of Megami Magazine and other other is my copy of Final Fantasy XIII for PS3. ^_^

Okay, enough of that. Lets go back outside:

There is some pretty scenery in New Mexico. I was actually really surprised that there was some lingering snow on the ground in a few places as I drove down the state. Here we see a snow topped mountain. There are mountains just surrounding this place. I lived in this area for about 3 and a half years while I was in the Air Force. The desert is a little bland compared to all the greenery that I'm used to in Ohio, but this does have a certain type of beauty as well. Next picture:

This is the horse stable. As I mentioned in passing before as I was getting ready to make the move here, Dallas owns horses and actually teaches English style riding and is also a licensed farrier. But the horses aren't actually kept in the stables. They're kept here:

Yay! The interesting pictures with animals! Dallas has 4 horses total. I actually don't know any of their names. Sorry. I'm actually in charge of feeding them, at least until I get a job. Did my first feeding this morning. I'm pretty much living here right now rent free as their little helper boy. I'm okay with that. ^_^

Time for some close up pictures:

Close up picture of Horse #1 & #2. I like how #2's hair is blowing. ^_^

Horse #3....

And Horse #4. #3 and #4 look really similar. It was really easy to get close up pictures of the horses because whenever people come up close to them they think they're going to be fed. XD

But horses aren't the only animals here:

It's a goat! I think the goat is pretty funny, too. Sorry, I don't know the goat's name either. I don't know if it has a name....

And here's a full body picture of Horse #4 with the goat getting in the shot.

As I mentioned before when I was talking about my room, they also have dogs:

This actually isn't one of the two dogs that are fenced in. This is Freedom. She is a good girl so she doesn't have to be fenced in. =P

Freedom rolling around....

And Freedom really close up as she is jumping up on my leg. So cute. ^_^

Now for the other two dogs:

Yep, they are fenced in because they don't know how to be good.

I forget this dogs name. But I do remember this little guy:

This chihuahua's name is Finley. It's kind of funny that a Mexican dog breed was given an Irish name. I remember when Dallas first got him. He was even more tiny back then.

And here we have the last animal:

It's a cat! I don't know if she even has a name. Josh told me that her name was F*ckin' Cat. XD

She's actually a pretty cool cat, though. She's a stray that wondered to their house and they fed her and keep her around now. She's very well behaved and usually stays outside. They don't even need a litter box since she always does her stuff out there. And one last picture:

F*ckin' Cat scratching herself with a tumbleweed. It's funny, I never saw a tumbleweed in real life until I came to New Mexico. Before that I'd only seen them in American cartoons and a few movies. I was really excited about it the first time, but they're all over the place here so the novelty ran out pretty quick. It still makes me happy when I see one in the road while I'm driving, though. I even hit one once. It was awesome. ^_^

There is actually one more set of animals: 5 chickens. Yeah, 1 rooster and 4 hens. I wasn't able to find them to take any pictures, though. They seem to roam around a lot. I just heard the rooster calling out, but I don't feel like going back out there. Josh should be home soon and he'll probably think I'm weird if he sees me running around trying to take pictures of a bunch of chickens. =P

So that's my new home. Hope you enjoyed it. I'll probably do a post of my room and library with my full anime and manga collections when I finally get everything in order. So yeah, more to come eventually!


I took some more pictures!

First off, I opened my packages:

In the back is the latest addition to my figure collection, Yoko Real Image Ver. I had to think a while about what Yoko I was going to get. I was also considering the Bounty Hunter version (not in the database yet), Yomako Sensei, and a few others. I'll do a photo review of her eventually.

Leaning up against Yoko is my Evangelion 1.11 Blu-ray.

Then to the right of that we have the entire Japanese release of the Elfen Lied manga plus the first volume of Okamoto Lynn's current work, Nononono. I plan on doing a more detailed review of them later.

Under the Okamoto Lynn books we have the very fun single volume 4-koma manga Houkago Play. Hopefully I'll have the Kanojo figure soon and I'll do a review of both that and the manga. Unfortunately the site I ordered her from is now listing her as sold out so I don't know if I made my order in time....

There is also some English language manga with the newest volumes of Higurashi, We Were There (Bokura ga Ita), and Detroit Metal City. Also got the first volume of Princess Princess. I ordered the entire series at the same time but this was the last book that finally got to me. =P

Back to the Japanese stuff, we have the first volume of the Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu manga series which takes the alternate world of the Disappearance storyline and runs with it. It's not the most well done manga out there, but the concept is interesting and I'm a hardcore Haruhi fanboy.

Under Nagato we have volumes 5 and 6 of the new release version of the Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou manga (my favorite manga series) as well as the first 2 volumes of Ashinano Hitoshi's current work, Kabu no Isaki. I plan on doing a detailed review of these as well.

Then the magazine I got wasn't Megami, it was volume 5 of Nyan Type. Pretty much the same thing.

Of course I got Final Fantasy XIII. I tried playing it a little on Dallas and Josh's TV, but their TV is weird. It's a huge HD flat screen, but for some reason it was stuck at 420p. My PS3 looked pretty weird on it. So I'll wait until my room is finished and I got my TV set up before I get into playing it.

And finally I got new porn! The US DVD release for the hentai Sentakuya Shin-chan, which has the lame English name of Dirty Laundry. Oh well, there are much worse localized names for hentai here (like MILF Mansion).

So yeah, that's my loot. Now lets get back to some animals!

Yep, I went out and got some pictures of the chickens. Here's the yellow roster with three of the 4 hens. I don't know where the 4th one was. And here's a close up of the roster:

I think he looks pretty cool.

And since Pineapple liked him so much, here's a couple more pictures of Mr. Goat:

I thought it was funny how he was standing up on that concrete rock thing. And here's just another picture of him closer up:

Yeah, I guess he is kind of cute. ^_^

Aside from that, just a little correction. I asked Josh this morning and F*ckin' Cat does have a real name. It's Tri, named for the three black spots on her back. Nice name, but I think F*ckin' Cat is more amusing. XD


Today I asked Josh if Mr. Goat has a name. His name is Criss, named after Criss Angel. Apparently they had two goats at one time and the other one was named Harry, named after Harry Houdini. They were given these names because Dallas and Josh had no idea how these two goats were always able to always escape from their pens. Unfortunately Harry was killed by coyotes or something. :(

In other sad news, yesterday Freedom ended up killing one of the three hens pictured above. Bad doggy! I don't know. Maybe a coyote killed it and Freedom chased it away and then started picking at it after it was dead.... She was framed (maybe)! The elusive fourth hen (who is colored yellow much like the roster) is still MIA and possibly also dead. Yeah, it's a bit of a dangerous area for free roaming chickens. I wonder if any will be left when Dallas gets back from training?

Oh, and one more name, the third dog with the spots and different colored eyes is named Venture. I don't know if there is any meaning behind his name.

Hopefully Josh and I will finish the tile in my room today. He said we'll start working on it after he finishes a round of Battlefield Bad Company 2.... That was about an hour ago. >_<
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pineappleskewer (USA)
18 Mar 2010, 17:15:35
2 (2)
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*Ohio high five*

That was a fun read! I'm loving the inside of the house. Are you picturing where everything will go all ready? I absolutely adore organizing my collections and looking at all your bookcases made me excited....yeah, I'm weird.

By the way, Mr. Goat is adorable! I hope you take more photos of him sometime.
Oh Japan, why you gotta make everything so darn expensive? ; n;
pluvia33 (USA)
18 Mar 2010, 17:49:47
1 (1)
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*high five!*

Glad you liked it. ^_^
I'm thinking about returning to Ohio some day. There's a government employer there that I'd like to work for after I hopefully get started with some government work at my old office.

Yeah, I really like organizing my collection, too. I don't think it's weird at all. Some people think it's crazy how well organized my stuff usually is. Just the fact that I alphabetize everything seems to impress them. I do have some ideas about how I'm going to set up my room. I'm debating if I'm going to black out the window with two of my bookcases. I probably will. I blocked off just about every window in the apartment from last time I was living in New Mexico. XD

Hahaha, yeah, I should try getting some shots of Mr. Goat frolicking. Sometime he seems to jump 3 feet off of the ground. It's just hilarious! ^_^
pineappleskewer (USA)
25 Mar 2010, 12:15:44
1 (1)
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Thanks for taking more photos of Mr. Goat! He looks so huggable standing on the rubble. I actually looked around for a stuffed animal goat after seeing his pictures. I couldn't find anything cute enough. :P

I've never seen such a beautiful color on a rooster before! He's all ready golden-brown before cooking.

I love to alphabetize my collection too, but I don't think mine is quite as grand as yours, hehe.
Do you block your windows because the sun is evil? I'm pretty paranoid in thinking the bit of sun that gets in my room will fade the colors of my poster and figures. xD Unfortunately, I like to sleep with the window open all the time, so I settle for cruddy blinds.
Oh Japan, why you gotta make everything so darn expensive? ; n;
pluvia33 (USA)
25 Mar 2010, 19:42:00
0 (0)
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Yeah, part of it is that the sun is evil. Especially New Mexico sun. But the practical reason is that watching TV or any other screen in a sun filled room during the day can really mess with the picture quality. XP
pluvia33 (USA)
19 Mar 2010, 09:38:31
2 (2)
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Well, since you asked for it, I added two more pictures of Mr. Goat. No cool action shots yet, but I think they're amusing anyway. ^_^
Glory (Russia)
19 Mar 2010, 11:17:02
1 (1)
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Welcome back, Aaron :)

I enjoyed your story a lot too. Considering the fact that the way of life in USA is quite different from what we have here in Russia, it's almost like reading a fantastic novel :)

I'm almost jealous of this new home you've got. I would really appreciate living in the middle of nowhere (as long as it has Internet access and a couple of shops and a post office not so far away). Hope, you'll manage to finish tiling the floor soon :)

And off course, I'm in love with all these cute animals you're taking care of! My favorite horse is number 'wun', since she has funny spots and actually reminds me more about a cow than a horse :) Mr. Goat and Ms. Freedom are the incarnation of cuteness itself :) Oh yeah, and neko-chan as well. Is she a tame one?

I was a bit surprised to see how the fenced in dogs look like. Is the small one really aggressive and dangerous? And the second one is so beautiful in my view... Does he have heterochromia?

Well, and congratulations with new loot! Yoko figurine is gorgeous, I look forward to see your pics of her. I was also amused by the fact you're reading "Bokura Ga Ita" manga. This is one of my favorites, but I thought it's a kind of girlish stuff. Ups, I probably wrote to much already... Anyways, enjoy your rest after the journey :)
The rain beats hard at my window
While you so softly do sleep...
pluvia33 (USA)
19 Mar 2010, 12:05:41
1 (1)
Like this comment?
Glad you enjoyed the read. Sometimes I feel like I go a little overboard with the writing and pictures. I'm trying to keep it under control. ^_^"

Yeah, I like living in the middle of nowhere. It's the kind of area I grew up with when I lived in Ohio. Corn and soybean fields surrounding the house. The apartment I just moved from was a little too developed for my tastes. I like being able to just walk around outside and talk to myself for a bit to clear my head. I'm sure I'll be able to do that as much as I want here. And yeah, we got internet and the post office is about three miles away.

Tri is a very tame cat. She usually just walks around really slowly and meows. It's hard to believe that she was just living in the wild before they took her in.

Finley isn't aggressive or dangerous at all. When I said those two don't behave, it's mostly because they mess things up, use the restroom on the floor when they get in the house, and might try to run away. The main reason they had to get rid of the carpet is because it was a total mess from the dogs. But yes, the bigger of the two dogs is pretty in a way and does have heterochromia.

Hahaha, I actually haven't gotten around to reading Bokura ga Ita yet. And I've only watched the first episode of the anime so far. But I really like the style and have heard good things about it. I like a lot of girlish manga and don't read much shounen. I find shoujo to be more interesting. I really need to get around to buying the Kimi ni Todoke manga. I've just been loving that anime. :)
Glory (Russia)
20 Mar 2010, 06:29:50
1 (1)
Like this comment?
Bokura Ga Ita starts nicely, but becomes a little boring in the middle. My first impression was something like: "Omg! It's like Nana, but about school instead of students!". I even did a dubbing of it. I will recommend manga as well, but you should be ready - it's pretty hard-hitting.
The rain beats hard at my window
While you so softly do sleep...
pluvia33 (USA)
20 Mar 2010, 15:38:56
0 (0)
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Yeah, I loved the NANA anime. It was my favorite shoujo series until Kimi ni Todoke came along. I think I should be okay with the stuff in the Bokura ga Ita manga. I usually like good emotional drama. Just as long as it's not a completely stupid social disaster like School Days. >_<
mu597 (USA)
19 Mar 2010, 13:00:34
1 (1)
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O_O So much to read...

Glad to see you arrived quickly and safely I would not have been able to drive for that long.

And congratulations on the stuff. Iv'e been wanting to get that Yoko for a while. looking forward to your review of her!
pluvia33 (USA)
20 Mar 2010, 06:14:54
0 (0)
Like this comment?
Thanks. ^_^

I'll try to get my review done of Yoko within the next week or two after I get everything set up and settled in. :)
Vallefor (Russia)
19 Mar 2010, 13:58:42
1 (1)
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Welcome back!

Wow!:) Always interesting to know how people live in different places of Earth :)

Especially like cow-colored cat, Freedom and of course Goat! xD When he stands on the rock it's almost like he's saying "Look how I can do! Take a photo of me!" :Р

Yeah.. PS3 games look cool only at 720p+, imho :)

And... again porno :P
MySQL server has gone away
pluvia33 (USA)
20 Mar 2010, 01:19:48
0 (0)
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Yeah, I totally felt like Mr. Goat was posing for the camera (I really should ask Josh if he has a name). I thought he was trying to pretend he was a mountain goat. XD

I think Tri is probably my favorite animal here right now. She's such a nice cat. She's actually beside me right now. ^_^

Ahhh, I want to finish my room so bad so I can hook up my PS3 to my TV!! >_<
(And be able to look at porno in peace.) XP
usagi_joou (Russia)
20 Mar 2010, 03:05:03
1 (1)
Like this comment?
That was really interesting to read and watch! It seems like an ideal rancho from westerns I've seen^^
I like this house because it's really spacious. And it is always great to move in a new home, because one can arrange everything and make it look better then before. Like a hope of new life.

I wish I could live in a house like this. I'm tired of cities and really love animals of all kinds. The scenery is also beautiful, and so different from town landscape, overloaded with details that make my eyes tired...

Thank you for the report, it is really like I've been there with you^__^
I'm too old for this shit, ain't I?
pluvia33 (USA)
20 Mar 2010, 06:25:40
0 (0)
Like this comment?
Haha, yeah, I was originally thinking about naming the post "My New Home, on the Range" but I didn't know if anyone outside of the US would get the joke. XD

I've never been a big fan of living in cities. I like living in areas like this, as long as I'm not too far from everything and can get to a decent sized city if I needed to (for shopping and events and such). Glad you enjoyed reading it. ^_^

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