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Today I found out Aksys Games was at AX selling Noel, and there are plans to sell her on their website! This is pretty nice for everyone who doesn't know Japanese, or doesn't want to buy the game. I know I'll be checking their site like crazy! Unfort...
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I wanted to see Michelle in something other than blue, so I started this yesterday. ...Then I became lazy and didn't feel like shading the rest or trying to fix the anatomy. xD...
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Today I found someone in the mail.... It was Professor Layton! When I opened the box, a pungent smell wafted into my face. I couldn't stop smelling him! I have never, ever had a figure with such a strong smell, nor have I enjoyed smelli...
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Oh, hey! I finally decided to put down Bayonetta and get something else done! I don't own a camera to show my collection, so I hope it's all right if I use this as more of a video game and doodle blog. :) I have wanted to draw the mascot for a...
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