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AmiAmi acrylic figures / Figma Satsuki

AmiAmi acrylic figures / Figma Satsuki
11 Sep 2015 01:34:58

Hello everyone! I'm sorry I haven't made a post in a while. I thought I'd take a look at my most recent order. This order was originally quite different with the two main items ending up being delayed to this month. So I decided to get the Figma Satsuki that I was on the fence about getting.

I'll look at the acrylic figures of AmiAmi's mascots Amico and Lilco first. This type of "figure" is becoming a new trend with Japanese goods manufactures and I was curious what they would be like in person. These two were the perfect opportunity for me as these two characters are not popular enough to get proper figures.

In person they are exactly what you'd expect, a flat object with an anime character printed on it. You don't "punch out" the shapes, as they are completely cut out but held in place by small pieces of tape. The acrylic itself is very nice, it's perfectly clear and feels very stiff, however the fit of the Lilco figure is a little loose.

Due to the figures name tag being a separate pice they can be used a stand for holding up papers.

As far as size is concerned the are around the same size as a Figma and can function as a stand in of sorts.

And now on to the main event, Figma Kiryuin Satsuki from Kill La Kill. When I first opened her up is was quite worried that the straps on the front of her outfit were super warped looking. After fooling around with her wast joint for a minute they straightened out with no blow dryer required.

As for the figure itself Satsuki looks great! Sculpt and paint are excellent all around with only a few minor defects that are hopefully exclusive to my copy. Her articulation is okay she has a good amount of joints, but they are restricted by her distinct outfit.

Her outfit is painted in a semi gloss white in comparison to Ryuko's matt paint, this is a good choice as matt white is like a magnet for paint rubs.

She comes with a good amount of accessories (I just didn't take pictures of all of them) the extra faces are great, and the different variations of her sword and scissor blade give you lots of display options. The paper cutout of students is neat and adds to the display.

The second half of the scissor blade that she comes with can attach with Ryuko's and from the full version,which is a nice touch.

Here she is with Ryuko.

I'm quite happy with this order the acrylic figures are neat and Satsuki goes great with my Ryuko I just hope they will make a Mako Figma now.

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