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Figma problems

Figma problems
20 Jan 2012 22:53:52

Recently I have been having problems with my latest figma - Homura. Her hands keep falling out and its getting really annoying when I am trying to pose her. Also my BRS figma has these black marks on her thighs and looks really bad and is putting me off taking photos of her. Does anyone have any advice on the hands or weird marks on their figures?

This for example was a pain to get her hands in without sliding about and moving. I am really quite annoyed because she is still new and even older figmas of mine do not have this problem...
On another note my prelim exams are next week and finish on thursday and I am planning to do a Queens Blade blog post and maybe some outdoor photos (if the weather is better, its been really windy and rainy!) so bye for now!!
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Viridia (USA)
21 Jan 2012, 22:20:35
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Hands slipping out...for the recent figmas is relatively known problem. Max Factory chose to change the hand pin/peg design from just the original ball at the end of the peg style to just the peg because of breakage/difficulty to swap out hands.

Now regarding the question of how to fix figma Homu Homu's hand is to apply a thin and relatively even coat of either superglue, futureshine (best option), or some model varnish. You would also want something to apply the superglue/varnish/solution onto the peg. I would suggest a toothpick or a small brush, also paper towels in case of spillage.

I will use my newest busou shinki as a example.

My recent shinki's arm kinda slip off due to either there is no friction on the peg, peg is too small, hole is too big, etc. etc. The spots circled in blue being the peg and so on.

Now to fix this.....

For this example I used some model varnish and a paintbrush to apply it.

apply about 1 drop(less is better) of solution/superglue onto your tool of choice(toothpick/paintbrush)

#2. Now with your toothpick/paintbrush try to spread it evenly onto the peg. For you apply it on the hand peg, and becareful none of the solution goes into the wrist joint for the figma hands. Important note: ALWAYS APPLY A THIN LAYER OF IT ONTO PEG

Now wait about 10 minutes or 30 minutes to be safe for the solution to be completely dried.
(For the mean time there is this neat video I picked up browsing niconico, and uploaded it onto youtube)

Once the solution is dry, try to put the peg into the hole and see if it is a nice fit. If not apply another layer of the whatever solution you decide to use and wait for it to dry again until it fits nicely.

Personally I think just 1 coat of superglue/varnish/solution is fine for figma hands, however, if you plan on applying more make sure you do it in THIN coats. Forgive me for repeating myself as I cannot stress the importance of this, and to make sure that the superglue/varnish is completely dry before putting it into the hole.

I hope for the best for your figure repairs.

Pardon me for such a longwinded post, but as for your second question about...
"Also my BRS figma has these black marks on her thighs and looks really bad..."

Do they look something like THIS?
megumi_vocaloid (United Kingdom)
22 Jan 2012, 02:06:52
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Thank you for such a detailed response, I will have to search out some varnish!! Yes, the marks on my BRS look the same, is it caused by the paint rubbing?
Viridia (USA)
22 Jan 2012, 03:15:49
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If you're going to use varnish I would suggest the same one I use, which would be vallejo gloss varnish.

photo and description of the varnish I use.

As for the marks, generally yes it's paint rubbing against UNPAINTED plastic which is usually for figmas are the legs. Whatever Max Factory uses for black paint seems to put a mark on unpainted legs; minor-moderate rubbing won't make a mark though.

Now for a solution to remove those marks; well I wouldn't mind using my own Luka as volunteer for "which cleaning agent removes it without damaging the plastic". I just need you to wait a bit as I try different cleaners and chemicals on it.

To get a definite answer.
Viridia (USA)
24 Jan 2012, 02:54:20
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So I decided to set aside some time for your topic of how to remove those black marks off your figma. This is what I got:


-I used windex (ammonia based surface cleaner)
-A cotton pad thingy
Photo of stuff I used

-sprayed windex onto pad, rubbed black mark for 15 minutes


(different method)

-I used a avon brand flexible nail file I borrowed from a female colleague from the university (I don't know what kind of a nail file it is to be exact forgive me)

the nail file looks something like this and it has a very fine grit, and somewhat flexible

-I lightly rubbed the black marked plastic with the white side of the nail file for less than a minute.

-picture of the nail file I used is in the spoiler below.


Bottom line: Whatever this flexible nail file is; it is fantastic for rubbing off marks as it's grit is so fine, it's just enough to remove unwanted marks, but fine enough to not damage the plastic or at least the plastic for figmas.

Thank you for your patience and it has been a pleasure to assist you. See you around on the shelf.
megumi_vocaloid (United Kingdom)
24 Jan 2012, 14:32:47
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My mum works in a salon so I can probably ask her to get me a nail file! Thank you very much for all your help about this!!

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