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The first anime convention in the current town I'm living in...

The first anime convention in the current town I'm living in...
29 Jul 2011 07:27:04

So, last week, my boss calls me on my cell and work double time.

I ask him "how come?", he utters over the phone "1st ever anime convention".

Now when I heard this, don't get me wrong here, I was slightly pleased, but at the same time I had a horrible "gut" feeling that it would turn out poorly.

Since it was the 1st anime convention in this town, and 3 days pass, and as I predicted (whoever hosted or coordinated the event was either a moron, or ran off with the money) The event did badly, the place I worked at barely got any sales (food catering service), basically not many people came.

Pardon me for my pessimism; I did, however, manage to get a few good cosplay shots. Regardless of the low number of people actually attending the con.

NOOOOOOONETHELESS, here are some cosplay pics, varying in both the good and the bad.

I could only recognize Gumby, and Maka, other than that I'll reserve my opinion...

Atleast the taiko demonstration was good.

Everyone stood up and started caramel dancin, I was in both shock and awe.

Link and Hutch

I don't even know lol

I spy Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy


Now for the better cosplays (in my humble opinion of course)

Umbrella corp guard

X-MAS Sora

"I'am heavy weapons guy" "Heavy"

Personally MY favorite

Those 3 days was mostly foggy and cold, so most people kind of hung around inside the various buildings. The stuff for sale was rather limited, but had some interesting things. Sadly, I couldn't sneak any of the photos of merchandise. (sorry folks)I did meet an old high school friend, and spent most of the time hanging out with her and her friends holy smokes a picture of me, rather than working for my boss, (YES, IT WAS THAT BAD, I COULD LEAVE MY STAND WITHOUT HAVING A SINGLE CUSTOMER STOP BY)

Hopefully, the next convention I'll be attending will be more fruitful and enjoyable.

There is a hidden pic in here somewhere...

If you have comments, I'd love to hear them.
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MrsSkeeter (Germany)
29 Jul 2011, 15:02:37
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Yoko looks really good)
I think it's always like that when you do something for the first time. Next year the convention might already be much better since the people organizing it will have some experience.
mu597 (USA)
29 Jul 2011, 19:35:57
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That Yoko!
Chiaki (Australia)
29 Jul 2011, 23:20:30
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yes indeed yoko was gooood
TomatheSpook (Russia)
30 Jul 2011, 04:07:16
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Well, I agree that it may not be too great but it seems pretty nice for the fist convention in the city. They probably just need some good advertisment :3
Секретарша Валлефора.
KiD (Australia)
01 Aug 2011, 04:59:37
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Also liked the umbrella corp guard, sora and yoko

Our convention here isnt so big either and I stopped going after two years. Hopefully yours will be better next time
norfolk_s3d (Russia)
10 Aug 2011, 13:03:10
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The Heavy cosplay is so fail it's a sort of win
Gotta agree that Yoko does beat the Umbrella guard - it's way easier to put a gas mask on than get a hot gal into... that, right?

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