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Resonance Of Fate: second post

Resonance Of Fate: second post
12 May 2010 20:47:07

Hello again! :)

Recently I have reached the 7th chapter, and I want to tell you about the characters and their development.

Character level

Your character level = summary of your weapon level usage. There are only 3 types of weapons in the game: machineguns, handguns (pistols) and throw weapon (grenades).
All characters do also have their own skills that they’re gaining automatically when they level up. It seems that all skills are passive. I should add that all skills depend on the weapon charge.
So as you can see there is no thing like skill tree where you can get sweets after level up.

Weapon level
First of all I want to say that in order to shoot with your weapon, you need to charge it first. Charging the weapon will cost a number of “action points” (also, during the charging process your enemies will move too – for example, they can shoot in you which will result in interrupting your charge, so… don’t be too greedy and don’t wait for your weapon to be fully charged! xD). During your action-time you can shoot only once (expect for the hero action, but that’s another story), but while shooting you can charge your weapon up for the number of times equal to its level usage. So... if your character has 8 lvl in handguns he can charge it up to 8 times. Each subsequent charge will charge faster. And of course your level of the particular weapon usage will increase while you’re using it.
In two words: higher weapon level usage = more charges = more damage = more skills will be used while shooting.

Weapon upgrades

Yes… The game has a very interesting system of weapon upgrades. In upgrade window you will see a field with your weapon inside it. Weapons have different slots where you can place your upgrade parts. Each part also can have an upgrade slots… so… the upgrading process is like a Lego. And for example, at low level you can get something like this:

All parts can give your weapon different stats: charging speed, charging acceleration, rate of fire, accuracy and size of your magazine.
Of course you can also get different weapons with different base stats and upgrade slots.


Not so interesting asweapons: P
During the game you will discover different base outfits (for example, I’ve got only 2 types of garment for now) which you can customize with different “textures” and colors. You also can change the color of your eyes with lens and color your hair. But… it will give you nothing but a cool looking character xD
Besides cloths all your characters have 2 ring slots. Ring can give you different bonuses. At my level all shop rings are with elemental and physic damage resistance, but I also have a few rings with some unique skills on them :) Btw, sometimes resistance can really save your life, but you can’t change your equipment during the battle. In order to know what resistance your will need during your quest – read the quest-log carefully and speak with some NPC during your travel to the quest point!

Two hands – two slots!
Your characters have two hands (oh... really? O_o) and can use different extra items during the battle. For now I have only 3 extra items: Magazine Case, First Aid Kit and Grenade Box (don’t know if anything else exist)

Magazine Case.
If you equip this item to your “second hand” slot, your character will receive an ability to change his bullets types (there are many-many different bullet types… with different damage types and other abilities). So… try to experiment with them! Also I want to say, that some enemies have different weaknesses. And of course you need to bullets need to be bought or crafted – you can’t get them out of nowhere.

Grenade box.
Your characters receive an ability to use grenades (like with bullets there are different types of then). As I said you can improve grenade usage level :P

First Aid Kit
Your characters receive an ability to heal and buff. One important fact: while healing/buffing your healer-character will drop an item (like a bottle) to your target-character and if its trajectory will intersect with an enemy… he will receive your heal/buff. xD

You can also equip a second weapon in your hand! So… I can tell you nothing about it, because my characters have a weight limit which does not allow them to take a second weapon :(

Craft system
Yes, the game have a simply craft system. But your characters can’t craft themselves; you need a help of a special NPC. :P Craft system does have nothing interesting. After fights you will receive some trophy items that can be used to craft rings, bullets, grenades, weapon upgrades, etc.

“Power… I want more!”

Yes… there is something more… I mean Hero Action. Talking simply it is an action where you can move and shoot at the same time! Btw, you can get your max weapon charge only while using it…. Cool! but there is nothing free in this life xD After executing the Hero Action you will lose one hero-action gauge. In this post I am going only to say that you’ll be able to increase the amount of your hero-action Gauge.

So… It’s all for now. :P Later it may be I’ll tell more about the fight system :)
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Trishler (France)
04 Jun 2010, 02:10:36
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I really love this game...unfortunately, I'm stucked because Reanbell leaved my party and with only 2 characters, the game is really hard!!! I have to level-up =^.^=
Vallefor (Russia)
05 Jun 2010, 12:30:23
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Yes! That's a real crap when one of your characters goes away!
Now I am stuck with only Zephyr in my party, without pistol skill.. and I can't leave the first area (because of the story missions).. So.. I need to spent 2-3 hours on arena, lol TT

P.S. Try to complete the story mission first to get your characters back - then start doing side missions
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