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Otakon Report Bonus Round: Bronycon Cosplay

Otakon Report Bonus Round: Bronycon Cosplay
25 Aug 2013 23:26:10

In my last blog post, I mentioned that even though my Otakon coverage is done, I still have one more thing to talk about. Well, here it is: Otakon wasn't the only convention I went to Baltimore earlier this month.

The weekend before Otakon, the Baltimore Convention Center was host another major fan convention, Bronycon, which, as the name suggests, focuses on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. While I couldn't do a multi-day trip to the convention (as I had Otakon the week after), I did check out the convention that Saturday. Personally, it was a mixed bag that leaned more towards positive: it was fun and definitely not as hectic crowd-wise in terms of Otakon, but I felt that the con staff underestimated how many people were attending (as seen with some some panel rooms being too small IMO and the con store selling out on plushies of the convention's mascots).

There's not much to say in terms of purchases as all I picked up was the Bronies documentary Blu-Ray and a t-shirt (as well as the bag that I contained my Otakon purchases in). As for cosplay, while I didn't take much pictures, I did make sure that they were interesting ones.

A variation of the "hay bale disguise" that Pinkie Pie used to spy on her friends in the "Party of One" episode. BTW, is it just me, or did the hay bale disguise in that episode somewhat resemble Spongebob Squareparts.

Iron Will from the "Putting Your Hoof Down" episode along a pair of cosplayers dressed as another character as hammy as Iron Will: the muscular Pegasus from "Hurricane Fluttershy" and "Wonderbolt Academy". I personally refer to said Pegasus as "Blast Hoofcheese" after how some people compare him to Reb Brown's character from the cheesy sci-fi film Space Mutiny (which is best remembered for it's appearance on MST3K, with Mike, Tom, and Crow giving Reb's characters various action hero names including Blast Hardcheese).

This one needs some explaining. During the season 3 premiere of the show, the commercial breaks featured an overkill of commercials for Gak, a slime-like toy that Mattel and Nickelodeon made in the the 1990's that was being brought back in the market. Given the amount of memes that Friendship is Magic fans have created, they took notice of this and made it into another meme. Hence the cosplay: this is someone dressed up as Gak.

One popular cosplay from Saturday: a trio of weather Pegasi, complete with the typical Weather Pony attire as seen in "Sonic Rainboom". BTW, the trio also showed up at Otakon the weekend after, and I did notice people taking pictures of them there as well.

Rounding up the cosplay pictures is one of the silly variety: Someone dressed up as a My Little Pony Youtube video that, thanks to a troll (note the misspelling of "Hasbro"), was pulled off the site. Yeah, I have a thing for the odd cosplay.

With that, my Otakon reports have officially come to an end, and probably at a good time too, as in the next few weeks I have a couple of figures arriving from Japan and another convention to go to (yes, after considering skipping it, I eventually decided to go to Anime USA this year as a result of the concerns that I was having with it being a month after Otakon being not as bad as I thought and the fact that I had problems concerning trying to attend the next Maryland/Virginia based con after that, Nekocon).
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Okarinka (Russia)
26 Aug 2013, 09:00:46
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Oh my gosh!!!! You have been at BronyCon!!! Oww you lucky, I love ponies, but I live in Russia so...

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