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Otakon 2013 Report Part 2: The Cosplay

Otakon 2013 Report Part 2: The Cosplay
22 Aug 2013 04:59:09

Sorry it took so long to post this, as I've been busy since the convention (i.e. work, a trip to Arundel Mills, and me being hooked on Tales of Xillia). However, at long last, I'm finally able to post my pictures of the cosplay and other neat things that I saw at this year's Otakon.

One neat design that they had to promote this year's Otakon: a big sticker on the street that makes it appear like a manhole cover. The design is a cute nod to both present day Otakon (with the reference to the Ice Cold Water Guy) and Otakon 2001 (i.e. the year of the exploding manhole covers).

Hiroko-chan, the original mascot of Otakon, as cosplayed by one of the developers of Crisis Hearts Brawlers, an upcoming computer game that takes place at Otakon. The game currently experienced some delays due to the death of one of the key animators of the game (Emmy-award winner Rusty Mills), but hopefully it will be ready in time for Otakon Vegas this coming January.

Poison and Cammy from the Street Fighter games. One thing you got to say about it: the pink coloring of Cammy's attire and the nighttime backdrop does being out a nice neon color feel to it.

A group of Deadpool cosplayers, including one dressed up as Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece. Insert the obvious "Deadpool Gum Gum" joke here.

VEGETA!!! VEGETA!!! A puppet version of "Ghost Nappa" from the hit Youtube fanparody Dragon Ball Z Abridged.


Given how I consider it to be the second-best original show on The Hub (after My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic), it's nice to see some more Aquabats cosplay love at this year's Otakon, with me seeing at a few of them at the convention.

In terms of 2012-2013 shows that are less likely to be cosplayed at American anime conventions, there's three titles that I wanted to see get done at Otakon. One of those titles on my list eventually got represented at Otakon, with someone dressing up as Tamako from Tamako Market.

BTW, the other two titles are Busou Shinki and Kiniro Mosaic.

Anyone remember the episode of Dexter's Laboratory where Dexter is forced to take part in P.E. class and was constantly being pelted by dodgeballs? Well, someone actually made a cosplay of the mecha outfit that Dexter eventually makes in order to get the upper hand against the bullies that constantly knock the crap out of him in these brutal games of Dodgeball.

Casey Jones and Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the style of the 1990 live-action movie (in which the Ninja Turtles costumes were created by legendary puppeteer Jim Henson).

Olivia from Fire Emblem: Awakening

That's pretty much all I have to say about this.

One nice thing about the Dealers' Room: the Media Blasters booth had some awesome resin statues and "custom" versions of mass-produced figures (there was a nice one of Karin from To Heart 2: Dungeon Travelers that tempted me, although I passed because I already had the regular figure). The highlight of the collection: this statue of Yomiko Readman from Read or Die (with the "paper" used resembling the pages from the Read or Die manga). Unfortunately, at $900, it's too high for me.

The Stig from the hit UK car-based series, Top Gear.

Tonight, I wear a hat, Richard wears a hat, and James wears a hat.

In the "Not Sure How Many People on This Site Will Remember Him" Department (as this was more a 1980's thing), this is a cosplayer dressed up as Bob Ross, the host of the popular PBS television show "The Joy of Painting" (AKA the show with the "happy little trees")

Bob Ross Remixed

Another thing I remember from the 1980's: Voltron , with a group of cosplayers dressed as the original Voltron force (AKA the lion team). BTW, I wonder how many people remember Voltron without thinking about a certain Robot Chicken sketch (heck, even the people who did that MetLife Super Bowl ad with all the cartoon characters are aware of said bit).

A group of cosplayers from one of my favorite anime titles, Azumanga Daioh. In case anyone asks: yep, the girls know how to play the show's eyecatch music with those recorders (although they can't recreate a certain bit involving a hiccuping Osaka).

My most popular cosplay picture in terms of my Otakon 2013 gallery on American Cosplay Snapshots: a group cosplay of the cast of Tokyo Mew Mew. To give you an idea of how popular it is: the photo has only been up on the site for 1 1/2 weeks and already it's close to having 100 views (whereas my second most popular cosplay picture on ACS so far, my Atelier Meruru picture from Katsucon 2013, is close to 100 as well, but was on the site for about half a year now).

The R-Dash 5000 from Pony.Mov, a series of truly bizarre fan animations that pretty much shows what would happen if My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was done by the people behind Ren and Stimpy. Most of the videos are NSFW (Fluttershy as a serial killer who talks lie Fat Albert. 'Nuff said), but the following clip with the robot is one of the tamer moments in these videos.

WARNING: Twisted Stuff (But Nowhere as Bad as Some of the Other Things That Appear in the Pony.Mov Videos)

Another cosplay group, this time featuring characters from the American football title Eyeshield 21. BTW, anyone else thinks that the "red eye" fits well with Himura?

More Tamako Market goodness. This time, we have a cosplay of Kanna, the skilled carpenter's daughter who quirky character traits and interest in carpentry make her one of the best things about the show (you should see the episode where she has Dela, the bird that serves as the show's mascot character, go on a diet).

Rounding out my cosplay pictures for Otakon 2013 is the type of Asuna I'm more likely to photograph (rather than the popular one from Sword Art Online): the one from Mahou Sensei Negima (nice to see someone doing some Negima cosplay this year). Before anyone asks: yes, I'm well aware of Ken Akamatsu's upcoming title, UQ Holder, and while I haven't decided whether I will read it or not, I am curious to see how this ties with the other titles in the Akamatsu-verse.

While I'm pretty much done with Otakon, I still have one more thing up my sleeve, and it's a doozy.
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dark_ogamiya (Russia)
22 Aug 2013, 07:35:34
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Wow, Tamako so pretty :). Thank you!
letara83 (Russia)
22 Aug 2013, 13:10:36
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Oh, how I love the Stig!

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