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Otakon 2012 Report - Busou Shinki Figures

Otakon 2012 Report - Busou Shinki Figures
15 Aug 2012 05:48:25

Cripes, it's been almost two-three weeks since Otakon, and I've haven't posted my report on the Busou Shinki figures yet (and that's after I've completed my other Otakon reports and finished watching the latest MST3K DVD set). What can I say: with work on Monday and Thursday, afternoon naps that result in me not waking up until 4:30 PM, and my mind being focused on other things during the night time hours, I've been putting off this for too long IMO. Thankfully, I've received a wake-up call and finally got to work on the Busou Shinki report.

Given the delay of the start of this report, I'm going to cover both Busou Shinki figures that I picked up at Otakon in the same report rather than doing separate reports. Starting things off is Fubuki, which I picked up first at the convention (along with the G Gundam DVD set that I mentioned in the convention good report). Of the two "ninja" Busou Shinki girls (both of which were being sold at the con), I felt that Fubuki was the better looking, and with me wanting to pick up at least Busou Shinki at the con (and not knowing at the time of the other dealer selling the Vic Viper figures), I picked her up.

There's not much to talk about her, so my main pictures are basically the stages of her in terms of setting up her "armor".

STAGE 1: Fubuki after taking her out of the box.

STAGE 2: Fubuki after I added her leg and arm armor (and the canine ears that gives her a ninja feel).

STAGE 3: My main pose for Fubuki with her sword and additional "wing-like" armor pieces.

#D Picture

The other Busou Shinki figure I picked up at Otakon was Lirbiete. Some time ago, I mentioned that I picked up Vervietta, a Busou Shinki figure whose armor is based on the Vic Viper spaceship from the Gradius video games. Well, Lirbiete is another Busou Shinki figure with Vic Viper-style armor, only with her being red (wouldn't that make her armor inspired by Lord British? ).

Like Fubuki, the first picture involves her as she looks when I take her out of the box.

While I still have her in this state, here's Lirbiete with her fellow Vic Viper girl, Vervietta (I wanted to include the Vic Viper ship, but I wasn't able to have a good shot of the two girls and the ship).

Unlike Vervietta, who I felt was cuter without the armor, this time around, I had plans to have to have Lirbiete wearing the Vic Viper pieces as my main "style" for her. Again, like Vervietta, the bigger armor pieces were pretty much too hard for me to put on her (I tried, but it just wouldn't stay on). However, I was able to put on the "leg" and "cockpit" piece on her without a problem, thus ensuring that she was at least sporting some armor.

3D Picture

I had plans to have Lirbiete's main pose to have her with a weapon. However, it caused problems when putting her with the rest of my Busou Shinki figures. That doesn't mean that I didn't take a picture of her with said weapon.

With that, my coverage of Otakon 2012 is finally over. Kinda wish I gotten this last report done earlier, but that's what happens when real life interferes.
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Amadis (Russia)
15 Aug 2012, 15:14:59
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Fubuki is great, especially in armor, I always like it.

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