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Otakon 2011 Report - Cosplay and Oddities

Otakon 2011 Report - Cosplay and Oddities
03 Aug 2011 03:49:20

WARNING: The following blog post is filled with pictures and Youtube videos associated with some of these pictures. While I put the Youtube pictures in spoiler tabs, this blog post is not for people with slow Internet connections.

Usually, I kick off my con coverage with what I bought in the Dealers' Room. However, since there's a lot to discuss (with some of it being spoilers on why I have four additional blog posts to do besides my usual post-con posts), I'll instead start things off with the cosplay and oddities that I saw over the weekend.

Everyone's favorite raspy-voiced megalomaniac, Cobra Commander from G. I. Joe.

With Otakon holding a Matsuri Festival the day before the con, some people stayed true to the event by dressing up in yukatas. Here's a yukata version of Panty and Stocking...

...and here's a yukata version of the Merc with the Mouth, Deadpool.

One of the most popular non-anime/video game cosplays at the con, here's the Nyan Cat. For those who don't know what it is, here's the video featuring the creature.

Nyan Cat

Otakon was definitely filled with many people dressed up as characters from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, as seen by this cosplayer dressed as Satan spawn mascot character Kyubey (complete with contract to become a mahou shoujo).

A RC version of a Phe4r B17 from the web comic Megatokyo Speaking of Megatokyo: Recent Megatokyo comic spoilers

A certain villain from the animated series Freakazoid. Anyone who is familiar with that series (or the meme that it's responsible for starting) would know full well why I'm not stating the character's name.

The best character in Madoka Magica, the Morning Rescue Guy. Need proof? Just watch the following video:

Morning Rescue Ad

One the reasons why Crayon Shin-chan rules big time, here's Action Kamen (or as he's called in the Funimation dub, Action Bastard). My rod is so big, so long, and so purple! There's nothing my rod cannot do!

Life size versions of a Dalek and K-9 from the British sci-fi series Doctor Who.

A personification of the Pokemon Honchkrow. Yes, the guy did pose from atop the fountains of the Baltimore Convention Center (which is why I noticed taking pictures of the fountain area while I was sitting there).

What happens when you cross an anime that provides a funny, stereotypical look at WWII with another anime where the main female characters are inspired by actual pilots during said war (only with the females not wearing any pants)? You get this hybrid of Japan from Hetalia and Mio Sakamoto from Strike Witches.

As part of the Bandai/Aniplex booth at the Dealers' Room, there was a neat thing tied to Madoka Magica in which people visiting the booth can write down their wishes. I decided to take part in it myself, with my wish definitely reflecting me in a way. Any guesses on what I wrote down?

One of my favorite outfits from the Project Diva video games, here's Miku Hatsune in her magician attire.

One of the most epic fights in animation history, the battle between Peter Griffin and Ernie, the Giant Chicken (from Family Guy), gets even more awesome when lightsabers get added to the mix.

That's not your imagination. That's actually someone dressed as an L-block from Tetris.

In the "obscure anime that I'm familiar with" department, this is Momoko from Umisho, a title about a school swim team who receives a new member in the form of a skilled transfer student from Okinawa.

Rounding out the cosplay pictures is Dragon Kid, one of the many heroes the recent anime hit Tiger & Bunny.

To close out this post, here's a video involving what is likely going to be the next big meme on the Internet, with this year's Otakon being where it started to become really big:

Ice Cold Water Remix
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mu597 (USA)
03 Aug 2011, 04:43:18
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Nice Candle Jack and the Tetri
Viridia (USA)
03 Aug 2011, 07:31:39
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That cobra commander and that Dalek are awesome.
MrsSkeeter (Germany)
03 Aug 2011, 16:11:42
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Omg, I just realized you can actually cosplay Tetris))
norfolk_s3d (Russia)
13 Aug 2011, 22:46:58
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Tetris cosplay, srsly?

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