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The Dangerous Side of Anime Figure Collecting

The Dangerous Side of Anime Figure Collecting
25 Apr 2010 05:14:04

Given how this web site is all about the world of anime figure collecting, I think this has to be mentioned somewhere. Sankaku Complex has reported a story about a fist fight that took place in an Akihabara store over the Alter figurine of Yui from K-On!

According to one eye-witness to the incident, numerous K-On! fans were waiting at one store assistant in Akihabara to unload on the store shelves the hugely popular Yui figure, with the stock disappearing within seconds. However, when it came to one figure, two anime fans were literally fighting over it. By fighting, I mean these two were actually resorting to fisticuffs, with security having to come over to break them up. Interestingly enough, in a time where Youtube is a big things, there was no video recorded of the fight.

Personally, this is nothing new to me, as I grew up around the time of the Cabbage Patch Kids, a toy that resulted in numerous fights (this video will give you an idea of the mobs of people who wanted that toy):

Also, I recall one of my older brothers mentioning a fight between some people over the Playstation 2 back when it came out and he tried waiting out in line to get the system for me after my original waiting plans fell through. However, fighting over a figure of an anime girl is kinda crazy. Yes, I myself like to collect figures, and there's some hard to find ones that are on my wish list. However, unless I either didn't get interested in it until after the pre-order stage, the figure came out before I really got into collecting them, or it costs a lot of money, I know that if I want it, I'm gonna need to pre-order it. Besides, if I don't get the figure I want (i.e. the more expensive ones), that's not world-ending for me, since there's always other figures that would interest me.

Long story short: yes, we all have the urge to get something that would probably be scarce when it comes to buying (after all, I do line up early for Black Friday sales). However, that doesn't mean we're allowed to literally fight people over the items that we want.
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mu597 (USA)
24 Apr 2010, 21:23:09
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Makes me glad I buy them online. Of course there is the online equivalent of this with items selling out in minutes (sometimes seconds).

I wonder if any of those people were scalpers who wanted to resell it for profit.
Glory (Russia)
24 Apr 2010, 23:43:17
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It's not like perfectly organized & ultra-polite Japanese nature, huh. I remember myself buying something in an anime store. The cashier was away due to some reason, so I just stood before the cash desk and waited. There were no other costumers. Suddenly a shop assistant appeared, asked me to make a few steps backwards and placed me before the red line. He-he. But well, that's another case.
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riraito (Russia)
25 Apr 2010, 11:29:34
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>I know that if I want it, I'm gonna need to pre-order it.
This. I'd better wait and definitely get a figure, instead of fighting for her.

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