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LOOTS!! Bioshock - Big Daddy & Little Sister

LOOTS!! Bioshock - Big Daddy & Little Sister
12 Nov 2018 05:31:10

Hello all!!!

So, after what seems like an eternity of waiting and having this item on pre-order, I finally received my ThreeZero 1/6 scale action figure of Big Daddy and Little Sister from the Bioshock video game!! Yay!!

I first ordered this piece back in October 2017, and it was supposed to ship out in like June or July 2018, but after a few delays, I'm finally getting it in early November 2018!!!

This isn't really a review, so I won't try to pick these guys apart or analyze it piece by piece! I was just super excited to finally get this little duo and was very impressed with it, so wanted to share it with everyone!!!

So without further delay, below are some pics!! :D

The unboxing (with my crappy iPhone in a few pics for a size comparison):

A closer look at Big Daddy and Little Sister (the paint job and detail is really outstanding):

The Big Daddy figure also comes with a light-up option, so if you purchase the batteries you can change his mask between the three colors you see in game: green, yellow, and red:

You actually take the lid off the tank pictured below. Inside is where you can turn the LED lights on/off as well as change the colors and also where you can change out the batteries (sorry I forgot to take a picture of the inside of the tank - Ack!):

And here's a size comparison with him next to some of my other figures. Here we have a Medicom RAH Manji from Blade of the Immortal, another ThreeZero figure - One Punch Man's Genos, and then just a 1/8 scale Orange Rouge Izaya Orihara figure. Height-wise he is about the same as Genos, maybe a bit taller with the cage?? However, when holding these guys and seeing them next to each other in person, Big Daddy seems's harder from me to see that in the image, but I just remembering thinking when I was handling this guy "OMG he's MASSIVE"!!!

The flexibility of both is actually pretty impressive too, even Little Sister has great options for posing (and her hands are soft, so you can easily have her latch on to Big Daddy's cage or the Adam extractor (YIKES...RUN TOUMA!!! "SUCH MISFORTUNE!!!"):

(wanted to include this one as well so you could see a size comparison between the smaller Little Sister and a Figma)

A few more shots of this incredible duo:

And that's it everyone!!! Hope you saw something you enjoyed! ...and if you were on the fence about these guys and not sure if you wanted to grab them (and if you can still find them anywhere) my recommendation would be to get them. I am very pleased with these guys and am THRILLED to have them in my collection!!

Thanks for reading!!!
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