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RAH Body Repair - Success!! (Ginko)

RAH Body Repair - Success!! (Ginko)
18 Jul 2018 02:22:23

Hello all!!!

Today I am back with more RAH a broken record, I know, sorry!! So if you've read any of my last few articles, you know that I have been on the hunt and experimenting around with repairs and replacement parts/bodies for the older RAH figures. Medicom decided to use the most delicate and dry-rot prone plastic known to man to make a few of the pre-2012 figures, and well it results in arms and legs literally just falling off these guys. :D

BUT...worry not, if you're willing to roll your sleeves up and throw in a little elbow grease, there is hope for these guys on the horizon!!! :D Yay!!!

So, just a little clarification first...if you have issues with some of the newer figures, contacting Medicom may prove fruitful. You may get parts they'll sell you (or you pay to have shipped..not sure) or they may even offer to have you mail your figure in to fix it. NOT the case for me, as I think all my figures of issue they've washed their hands of at this point as these guys are like 8+ years old (i.e. Light Yagami from Death Note and Ginko from Mushi-shi).

So shortly after I got Light, both arms fell off due to the crumbling joint disease that was running rampant in Medicom's RAH's at the time ( some horrid STD just waiting to infect and annihilate all your pre-2012 figures' joints as if they'd all shared the same contaminated ho-biscuit!!).

Later I did surgery to fix him, which only proved a temporary and certainly not ideal repair. So even later I did a body swap with an works, but I like perfection (or near to it) so it's not really my ideal fix longer term. Well, during this repair, his damn hip fell off his old body (so now he's up to 3 severed limbs from the DTJ STD (that will now be my new name for the deteriorating joint issue that the older RAH's suffer from aka the Deteriorating Joint STD or DTJ STD). So remember it!! As that's what it shall now be called from henceforth!!! :D

Then I got I got him I'm enveloped in sheer happiness at his glory, so am out posing him, snapping some lovely pics so I can show him off and BAM....he too had contracted DTJ STD and his arm friggin fell off. NOT MY BELOVED GINKO!!!!!! I am looking for the more perfectest-est repair solution than my prior surgery and Obitsu body swap options proved to be...which led me to deciding to use another RAH to replace RAH parts. Sounds straightforward enough, right?? EASY PEASY!!! You'd think..... :D

Ok, so first let's start with the victim. The poor soul who I will hack up to use his parts on more beloved characters. Meet Aoshima Something-or-Other, or his body rather:

I'm not sure who the hell this guy is, but his face kind of scares me. Anyhoo....on a side note, the plus is not only his body (that sounds bad), but he has some pretty cool duds that I now can use for other things...and I'm already thinking that maybe I can use them to make ANOTHER Hei from Darker than Black!!! A Casual Hei!!!!

I mean what-his-face came with a white shirt, a nice green jacket, and my current RAH Hei comes with TWO what's better than having TWO Hei's on display??? THREE!!!!! ....seriously though, all I need is some pants for this guy, some nice jeans and I can make it happen now!!

Show me those awesome potential Hei Clothes!

Now meet the sweetheart we are murdering other figures to fix...this is Ginko from Mushi-shi, and he's great. 'Nuff said, as his awesomeness totally warrants murder!!

So..the first glaring thing you may say is "Wow, Stacy...this looks easy as their skin tone matches PERFECTLY!!!!" ...and you'd be right, I mean basically the same color right?? :-O

Holy shit....Ginko is f'ing white!!! But worry not....we'll work it out!! I would also like to note, that it looks like Ginko is a bit more "fit" than this other guy too...just saying. :D

Ok, so first let's dig into what we'll be dealing with. Here is a closer look at Ginko's body (hid more pics in the spoiler so this isn't picture overload - these show the damage):

HOLY SHIT....GINKO!! ....those abs!!!! (he must work out a lot during his travels...) Whew!! I mean I could wash clothes on those beauties!!

Click Here to See More Damaged Body Pics

So, let's take him apart!!! To do that, you have to remove some little soft plastic plugs so you can get to the screws that hold his torso together. The plugs serve no purpose other than to cover the screw holes. They are just stuck in though, so you can use a tiny flat head screwdriver, needle, or something small like that to just pluck them out.

The screws you need to remove are here:

Will be something like this:

Once you remove those screws, the back and front torso can just be pulled apart and you'll be left with something like this:

...and that's basically the same for most RAH bodies...even the new ones as you can see under the spoiler here (whats-his-faces' disassembled body):

And here is a shot of the replacement (victim's) body

One thing to note however, is that sometimes Medicom likes to get tricky, just to annoy you...and throws in some weird-ass screw for no reason whatsoever, forcing you to get inventive in how you remove it (as I sure as hell don't have a triangle-head screw driver)!!!

That was in the new RAH's back, ONLY the middle screw was like that (WHY??). I was able to use a tiny flat-head to remove it, but worst-case-scenario, they do make these screwdrivers, so if nothing else works for you, you could order one, but I have no clue what they're called to help you in your search for one (sorry!).

Taking apart the legs, arms and / or other parts are very similar. You just need to remove the plugs (if there are any) and then remove the screw. You should then be able to just pull the front/back plastic pieces apart (see under spoiler).

More Pics of the Arms and Such

Now comes the part where this went from being SUPER easy, to well...just a slight pain-in-the-ass (could've been a lot worse though). As you'll notice the pegs for the arms (where his shoulders slide into his torso and where his biceps connect to his lower arms) are NOT the same size between my older RAH (Ginko) and the newer/updated body (What's-his-face):

GRR...WHY??!!! So....that means some sanding will be needed!! As our goal in this is to replace ONLY the defective parts. This will allow us to keep Ginko's original body (or at least as much of it as we can). So, in this case that means a shoulder-only swap!!!

Click the spoiler below to see more pics of the sanding process, and what ended up working best for me to get that peg down to size!

Peg Sanding Pics!!

So, now that we have the pegs sanded to the right's time for re-assembly using Ginko's original parts for everything but the shoulders!!

More Assembly Pics Here!

And, as you can see...with his shirt on, you can't even tell that ONLY his shoulders have a nice suntan!!!

Now...let's not forget about that delicate foot fracture!! The foot was still attached and moved, but as you'd bend the foot you can see the crack widen, etc.. So, I decided to just try a repair on the existing foot using superglue (since where I was gluing was NOT in a joint so would not affect mobility) rather than replacing the whole foot.

So, I dabbed a small amount of glue on, then forced it into the crack with a needle, then held it together for a bit until it set:

...and with that, Ginko's current injuries and DTJ STD should be on the mend and CURED!!!! Take that you dirty ho-biscuit!!! :D So, let's see what Ginko's got and how he feels!!

OOOH, he's got the MOVES!!! Look at him go!! JUST look at that arm movement!!! It brings tears to my eyes!!!

...but what about his body? If we peek at his tummy and such can we tell he has those unsightly What's-his-face parts????

Well....Not unless you take his shirt off entirely you can't!!!

Ginko: "Hmm...I look pretty normal!"


View below at YOUR OWN RISK!! Highly provocative images!!

Ginko: "And that's just how it is folks. I'm amazing in every way."

And that concludes our RAH how-to repair job!!! This method, which is a bit of a frankenstein job, is the best option I believe (unless you frequently undress your figures...and if you also have a Ginko...I get it, no judgement here). The Obitsu option leaves a bit of a wobbly head and is a little thinner than the RAH bodies, and no other bodies I've bought really worked out yet (most of the others are too big or are really hard to find).

I have another spare RAH figure I ordered for parts, as the next repair will be to fix Light!!! I'm hoping for him I can just swap out the whole body, but we'll see... :D

Thanks for reading folks and hope you saw something you enjoyed or something useful!! :D


Oh, and just to make it easy to find in case someone wanders across this blog looking for general info on RAH fixes and such, below are the links to my other RAH blogs:

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