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**WARNING: Lots of Pics!!!** Hello Fellow Shelfers!!! So, after a while of searching and just being on the fence on whether or not to pull the trigger on the regular Captain Harlock from Hot Toys (Standard Edition Captain Harlock) or the one w...
figures lots of pictures loot
Stacycmc USA
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Ok, so after what seems like forever I have finally compeleted my Psycho-Pass Makishima Shogo garage kit!! Words do not even describe the joy I feel from FINALLY completing this, LOL!! Just friggin YAY!!! So, I figured to celebrate his completion...
figures lots of pictures garage kit
Stacycmc USA
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So, I found what appears to be an awesome-looking Devilman Garage Kit for sale internationally. If I can find some more information on it, I'd love to buy it...but I can't really find much of anything on it. If I assume the actual kit looks like...
question garage kit
Stacycmc USA
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So, I am currently working on completing my first ever Garage Kit of Psycho-Pass' Makishima Shogo. It is currently a WIP which I should have completed in the next couple of weeks, but I wanted to do a separate blog to just capture the making-of for...
lots of pictures garage kit
Stacycmc USA
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Hello!! I am looking to buy the below figure (but can't afford the $400+ ones from Ebay). If anyone knows where there is one for sale, has one for sale, knows someone with one for sale.....heard where someone may have one and is thinking about se...
Stacycmc USA
Edit tags edit entry 189 832 7 (45) 11
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