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This isn't very much but tonight, waiting for my Sims to finish working in their gardens, I downloaded an app to keep me entertained while waiting an hour for them to finish. It is called KawaiiMEGU. At first I was reluctant to download it because it...
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I purchased a Nendoroid Petit Sayaka Miki (School Uniform version) on the 21st and I just received her today. She came all the way from California, a collector was getting rid of some of her collection. Sayaka was purchased for a mere 10 dollars whic...
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Would anyone happen to know where I could purchase the Madoka Kaname Unoffical Garage Kit as shown here? http://myanimeshelf.com/figures/384765_Kadou_Shoujo_EX:_Kaname_Madoka Been looking around for quiet a few hours now but I just can't seem to fin...
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