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Purin's Idol Wars

Purin's Idol Wars
05 Mar 2015 15:57:04

Something that has been brought up a lot among me and my fellow Idol fans is... Which of the bigger Idol Anime (IdolM@ster or Love Live) is better? So I thought I'd take the two apart and find out. Starting with characters.

IdolM@ster's cast is huge this, however, is not only it's greatest gift, but also it's biggest downfall. IdolM@ster has a whopping main Idol cast of 12 girls plus two other girls who help a long the idols (Ritsuko and Kotori)andthe producer.
Now with this many characters it gets the honor of pretty much having someone for everyone. However, with having so many characters it's easy to have some fade into the background. Now for some, having this large cast doesn't bother them and they find they can keep up with each of the idols back stories, personalities, songs, ext. without any real problem. I am not one of those people. So, this point goes to Love Live. With it's cast of 9 main girls I'm able to find someone I adore and keep track of each of the characters.
Winner: Love Live

Leading Lady
Jumping off of characters, you have to think about the "Main Character" of each show. In IdolM@ster you have Haruka Amami a very cheerful girl, loves making sweets, a little clumsy, and is often described as "The Normal Girl" by Takagi. In Love Live we have Honoka Kousaka a very cheerful girl, loves making sweets, a little clum-- Hey. Wait a second. No, but in all seriousness the two girls are very similar and both fall into being less interesting than their supporting cast. That doesn't necessarily mean they're bad characters, but neither of them is a real stand out in their shows.
Winner: Tie

With the rising use of 3D Animation in the West, Love Live did something that very few Anime have done before and that was to add 3D Animation into their work usually just in small tidbits throughout the dancing and... it failed. The 3D Animation thrown in the mix with the actual cute and usual animation was just awkward and didn't feel right. The IdolM@ster Anime, despite using 3D in their game play dancing, steered farther away from that and simply because of that 3D Animation I can not give this point to Love Live.
Winner: IdolM@ster

This one is really tough because it's all about what you're into. IdolM@ster has girls from varying ages and various reasons wanting to become Professional Idols. Where as Love Live has girls from varying High School ages wanting to save their school (with the exception of Hanayo and Nico want to actually be idols from the beginning) and so they enter the world of School Idols. They both show the difficulties involved in becoming an idol while still allowing us to have fun times with the characters. Both have wonderful stories, but if I'm boiling it down to which one I had more fun watching then the answer is...
Winner: Love Live

So there you have it. In my opinion, based on Characters, Leading Lady, Animation, and Story.. Love Live comes out as the better idol Anime. Does this mean you are wrong if You like IdolM@ster more? No way! It's all a matter of opinion. Do I think you should watch Love Live and not IdolM@ster? No way! Watch them both especially if you're into idols! They both give different views and each have their fun characters.

What's your favorite idol anime?
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05 Mar 2015, 17:11:05
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Oh, I am great fan of Aikatsu and PriPara. About Idolmaster and Love Live: i love only dolls based on characters^*^
Female Idol and Maid cafe fan( ^ω^ )
Fon_Fon (Russia)
07 Mar 2015, 06:04:58
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I really love both series, but Idolm@ster is number 1 for me My love for idols started with idolm@ster. Though, I liked love live and Cinderella girls, but it still lacks in appealing. Especially songs. I love nearly all songs with 12 original girls. Can't say that about LL and CG.
But I still love them all!
mu597 (USA)
14 Mar 2015, 00:59:50
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I've been thinking about watching either of these so thanks for the review!

The Idol anime i like the most is Miss Monochrome, it's a short and really fun anime.

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