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Purin reviews Akame Ga Kill

Purin reviews Akame Ga Kill
19 Jan 2015 21:04:22

Hello! I've decided to try something new and start doing reviews of Anime, Manga, Figures, anything really! The first Anime I decided to review is Akame Ga Kill since I've read some very mixed reviews. Here's my personal opinion the Anime Akame ga Kill.


Akame ga Kill focuses around the story of Tatsumi who has ventured off from his village to the capital so he can join the army and bring back the money he earns to his village. However, things don't go according to plan when two friends of Tatsumi's get separated from him and he's swindled out of his money. Luckily, a wealthy family of the capital invites him in to stay with them when the daughter sees him sleeping outside. During his stay, the castle is attacked by members of a group called "Night Raid" so named because they attack at night. They claim they are vigilantes who are trying to win back the corrupted capital and offer Tatsumi into their ranks if he so desires. Each of the members carry something called an Imperial Arms which are weapons forged from alchemy and a Danger beast. These weapons are much stronger than any normal weapon, but difficult to use. Tatsumi is promised he will receive one if he joins once they find an arm that will "accept him".


Despite the show featuring an intense number of characters it manages to fall into several anime stereotypes. You have the tsundere, Mine, (my personal favorite) being a rather typical tsundere. You have the title character, Akame, being rather Kuudere. Sheele the big breasted moe girl, Leone the genki flirtatious one, and Lubbock the pervert. Despite this though these characters still held their own to me and I found myself torn apart when some died, excited to see others succeed, and overall not really hating any character... Except one. The main character of the series Tatsumi has to be one of the most boring, generic shonen protagonists to ever damn us with his presence. Let's just go through the typical shonen protagonist checklist. Shall we?
✓ Tragic Back story
✓"How can he already be so strong!?" cliche
✓ Everyone loves him for really no reason
✓ The big cheerful shonen grin
✓ Mild pervert, but not enough to scare off the ladies
I would have enjoyed the series so much more if Tatsumi either had a personality that hasn't been run through the dirt a million times or if we would have just made the title character, Akame, the main character.

Manga = Anime?

One of the most controversial things in Akame Ga Kill is how they strayed from the manga. Killing characters that have not yet died in the manga, showing characters alive that are dead in the manga, cutting out relationships that are present in the manga, and cutting out story lines important to the manga. Fans of the manga were devastated to see some of their favorite parts cut, but others argued there was no way around this since the Anime's end was nearing, but it's manga counterpart was still in the midst of it's story. To me, the Anime straying away wasn't a deal breaker though frustrating to say the least. While I wish the Anime could have stayed true to it's source material like many others I don't see how they had too much more of a choice. Do I recommend the manga over the anime? Yes. Do I not recommend the Anime? No. The Anime still has it's strong points and the first half is very true to the manga. Think of it as an AU (alternate universe) ending if it bothers you that much.

Overall Score
It's story line was full of cliche characters and an uninteresting protagonist, but it still managed to keep you shocked and on the edge of your seat wanting to know what happens next. It introduced a colorful cast of characters, a dramatic story line, and an interesting new universe to think about. Though it has many flaws I found it to be one of the more enjoyable shonen series out there. This coming from a girl who does not enjoy shonen. I would recommend this sereies to people that are into this sort of storyline and even those who aren't usually interested in action.
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20 Jan 2015, 06:16:42
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