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Advent! [ENG]

Advent! [ENG]
25 Sep 2013 19:57:00

Greetings, shelf! I come bearing great news, we're having advent this year as well. Nevermind it's not snowing and grass is still green, advent starts early this time.

Advent takes place right before christmas, the faithful prepare for the holiday and stuff. The goal of our advent is to create christmas spirit and have fun!

The Shelf Advent is a blindfold gift swap: you know the person you're supposed to mail the present and you can't usually be sure who you got yours from. You must only open your gift on a designated day only (not anytime sooner please!) and you're required to write a blog post and attach some photos. This chance to make new friends and take part in keeping everyone's christmas spirit up is really fascinating :3
Anybody can join the advent: age, religious beliefs and preferred user rating system do not really matter :D

Not onto the conditions.
1) Comment this post to join the advent. If you did not partake last year or your address has changed please send me or TBerezhnaya a private message with your name and address. Or a name and address of a parent, guarding or someone that will be getting the mailed present for you.
2) The next post will feature lots of pictures. You are expected to choose one and write the corresponding number in the comments. The post will be up on september 30th so make up your mind soon if you'd like to hop in.
3) After that you will receive a private message containing username, name and address of the person you're supposed to mail a gift; and the date of opening your gift. Dates range from december 1st to december 31st, thus if there's more than 31 person taking part then some people will open a gift and write a post on a same day.
4) The deadline to ship your gift is november 10th: three weeks will probably be enough for the package to reach its destination. Write down the tracking number and send it to me or TBerezhnaya in a private message. Then wait for your gift to arrive (:
5) On your gift open date you unwrap the package, take some pictures, get all excited and write a post about it *_*
To sum up: sign up here, select an image depicting someone attractive in the next post, ship the gift to a disclosed person. You must open your gift on a certain day, write a post that about the gift, yourself and the person you got it from.

What should I present?
Well, take a look at a certain user's profile, go through his blog, check his favourite anime titles and figures. The gift does not have to be something anime related, e.g.:
— warm socks ^__^
— yummy stuff
— woodoo doll О_о
— unusual notebook
— dakimakura *Г*
— titan mug
— dancing strippers, etc.

Can I ship something I bought online straight to that person?
You can, just make sure the item arrives by december 1st and it has a tracking number!
We both live in the same city, can I present the gift in person?
Now a problem if you get the recipient's approval (:
Can I send you a picture to represent me in that next post?
That would actually be a lot of trouble since we have many participants here. Pictures and gift open dates are distributed at random (or so we make you think) (: It's fun if you're a powerlifter and you there's a loli picture for you, right?
I have an issue with something here...
Please send me or TBerezhnaya a private message immediately.
Thanks for the translation of the post norfolk_s3d!
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