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My Online Anime Figure Reviews:

My Online Anime Figure Reviews:
05 Feb 2011 22:29:45

These are a list of online figure shops:

AmiAmi – Most of you know this website. A Japanese website specializing in anime figures. They have massive things on sale. But because of its popularity, most popular figures get sold out very quickly (such as a Yotsuba Revoltech I saw, then the day after that, sold out! ) They carry mostly figures, manga, Azone Dolls & clothes, T-shirts, Daki’s, hugging pillows, magazines…etc.

Hobby Link Japan – another online figure shop. My only concern with this website is the prices; thats it ^^;;

Otacute – I do not order from this web site because from my fellow Comarades from Figure.FM had reported that their orders from Otacute has been damaged before, my fellow friend Starshipooper from MFC has given me his opinion about Otacute:

They consistently use very soft cardboard. It looks like they just re-use cardboard boxes from wherever they can find it or the cheapest thing they can buy. It’s very soft and the shipping boxes can be dented.

If I recall, almost all of mine have arrived with minor or no dents. However, inside, there is minimal to no protection for the contents. That’s usually while you get stuff all banged up. So far, of all the figures I ordered from them, only one has ever been dented. It was a free box set of trading figures so I didn’t complain since I didn’t order it and I didn’t pay for it.

It might come down to luck or the the shipping you pick.

I always use EMS if it’s available and they tend to treat EMS packages better than other types of shipping. That may be why I escaped any damage. The free figures they sent me, was sent using SAL.

So, based on what I said, if you use EMS, UPS/FEDEX you should be relatively safe. However I live in a state near New York where shipments from Japan arrives, so less travel time, meaning less chance of damage.

Hobby Search – I don’t really order from them because their website is quite confusing to me; my only question is that why are there points to buy a figure? Anyone who can explain that to me is a appreicated

Chuck’s Anime Shrine – another trusted anime figure shop in the United States. They do have expensive prices but I see their auctions on eBay and they are great! (One auction I saw are K-ON! Petites for $84). The eBay shop is great but the actual store in the website is not what I really like, they don’t have much of a selection though. Chuck’s also has a blog that you can read too.

Mandarake – I see it as a “anime figure shop eBay” Mandarake has a great selection of anime figures/dolls/doujin/ manga/etc. They have stuff from multiple stores so its easier to find what you are looking for. Everyday they add something new to their store. Many people in Figure.Fm recommend it!

J-List — Its a Japanese store that sells misc items such as shirts, plushies, figures, eroge, doujin, hats, and other Japanese stuff. I see that they sell alot of Japanese snacks & candy! The figure collection they have are okay and yet expensive. They also sell their figures at retail price. (Fact: the owner isn’t Japanese xD)

Kid Nemo – This store is connected to the Good Smile Company’s website. The items in the store are retailed price. It is not like AmiAmi and sells the figures with the original price. Its great though, if you are looking for a figure that is not available in AmiAmi or HobbyLink, then you will have to pay full price >_<;;

eBay– Every anime figure collector knows that eBay is the last place they would order their figures. Many “bootlegs” are put up there from Hong Kong or China. They also sell for ALOT too. My only bet is to only get from eBay if the figure you are trying to find is NO WHERE to be seen in the trusted anime figure shops listed above. To prevent from “accidentaly” buying a bootleg, always check the seller, where the figure is from, and the price. If a Miku Hatsune Nendoroid is being sold $10, it is most likely a bootleg. A dead giveaway for bootlegs are the pictures. Those pictures that are bordered with pink or has a weird green background, it IS a bootleg.

I hope this helps! Orignial post: http://kokonautt.wordpress.com/recommended-websites/
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KururuSouchou (USA)
06 Feb 2011, 00:03:40
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Boss Yuhei's probably gonna come after you after talking smack about Otacute...

But Hobby Search is absolutely fine; about halfway between Amiami and HLJ in terms of prices. The points are a reward system; every time you buy an item, you're given the number of points on the listing. You can spend these points for items and discounts (1 point = 1JPY).

And something you might want to know about Amiami and HLJ that many people don't seem to notice: Amiami has lower listing prices, but their shipping is much, much higher once you have more than one item in the order. HLJ's shipping is much cheaper, meaning their prices are usually the same (if not a bit less) than Amiami's. To compare: I was comparing prices for an order containing a Nendoroid HMO Miku and a pack of Tamashii Stages (about half the size of a Figma box). With Amiami, the listing price was about 4100Y, and the shipping was about 3300Y with EMS. Whereas with HLJ, the listing price was 4700Y, but the shipping was only 1400Y with EMS. In the end, HLJ proved about 1300Y cheaper than Amiami (about 6100Y compared to Amiami's 7400Y). Although this difference is less noticeable when using Unregistered SAL (HLJ's is usually only a couple hundred yen cheaper), and doesn't apply if the order only contains one item.

I think this shipping cost difference is due to Amiami only having a very small number of shipping box sizes: small (can hold one Figmatechuarts), medium (can hold 4 Figmatechuarts), big (can hold 7), and FRIGGIN' HUGE (can hold 12 or so). When an order contains a number that's below its next box size, they have to put the items into the next box size up and fill the empty space with reasonably-heavy paper (i.e., an order of two items has to be put into a 4-item-big-box). Since the paper weighs about as much as the average figure, an order of two figures costs as much to ship as an order of four figures would. Whereas HLJ has a huge number of box sizes, so they can find one that fits your order as snugly as possible, and when they need to fill empty space, they use virtually-weightless air-sacs.

Tl;dr, The total prices for HLJ and Amiami are about the same, so it makes no real difference.

LovelyAthena112 (USA)
06 Feb 2011, 00:13:25
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Ah. Thanks.I need to do more research
Gimme Moe Figures!
LovelyAthena112 (USA)
06 Feb 2011, 00:17:26
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Ah. Thanks.I need to do more research

(and my friend from MyFigureCollection said that stuff about the shipping; i never actually ordered from them)
Gimme Moe Figures!
Velorn (Russia)
06 Feb 2011, 23:32:18
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PS Hobby Search + point system is equal to amiami prices (we've counted - latest Ryuk - points for him = Price on amiami + 20-30 JPY)

So They're not so expensive ;)
I'm sorry for my bad English xD

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