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Figma News: You might not want to let this girl near your fragile figures

Figma News: You might not want to let this girl near your fragile figures
29 Mar 2011 23:14:31

I'm not gonna lie, I laughed upon seeing this information - mainly because it turns out that the Figma Blog had updated while I was typing the last article. Anyway, the fourth release in the wildly popular Black*Rock Shooter line is here!

Don't let her near your fragile Figmas! Just look at those hamhands!

Yup, the girl with the iron arms is here - Strength (or STR, or Ham*Hand Fister)! While she didn't really do an awful lot in the OVA (aside from perfecting her Piccolo impression), the Figma was made specifically for battle scenes with the other figures in the line.

"Ham*Hand Fi~ster~, snapping all of your toys..."

If you're gonna make a Figma of STR, you need to design her defining feature with utmost care. Luckily, Max Factory has done a great job bringing the mighty Ogre Arms into PVC glory. Each of the fingers has three joints, and the thumbs have one joint and a ball-jointed base - in short, her hands have most of the range of a human hand. They're also hollow and made of lightweight ABS, so they're durable without being heavy.


But some people like their Ham*Hand Fisters de-hamhanded, so there's also a second pair of arms that are completely normal. However, this does raise one question - if you look at her Ogre Arms, you'll see that her actual arms cut off above the elbow, only to miraculously regenerate when she removes the gauntlets. I'd try not to think to hard about that.

"Watchoo lookin' at, kiddo? Never seen a loli with regeneratin' arms before?"

Anyway, Figma Strength is shipping in June (although knowing GSC, it'll probably actually be July or August). Due to the bulky Ogre Arms, she's going to set you back 3800Y - more than the normal Figma price, but still less than Love Machine and KOS-MOS (both of whom share the title of Most Accessories). Anyway, is anyone planning to get this hamfisted warrior? Personally, I'm really glad that I can ship her alongside Dorothy. Anyway, sound off below!
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mu597 (USA)
30 Mar 2011, 00:17:50
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It's nice to see that she has similar clear plastic as dead master, as that one of my favorite parts about her.
SIRen (Canada)
30 Mar 2011, 02:33:38
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I'll be preordering Miku Append and STR at the same time. ^^
no photo
soursweet (Russia)
30 Mar 2011, 07:06:23
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I think I `ll preorder one ,she looks cute with normal arms
TomatheSpook (Russia)
30 Mar 2011, 09:35:59
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Don't like figmas, don't like the whole BRS thing, but she looks awesome to me, will probably get her :3
Секретарша Валлефора.
LovelyAthena112 (USA)
02 Apr 2011, 01:01:41
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Looks good

But I dont have ANY black rock shooter figures haha
Gimme Moe Figures!

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