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Figure News: March Revoltechs march onwards

Figure News: March Revoltechs march onwards
15 Jan 2011 02:40:41

Kaiyodo seems determined to continue its reputation as the most prolific of the major figure manufacturers - they've just opened preorders for three March releases! First up would be the return on their Queen's Blade subline.


The QB subline has been on something of a loli-binge with their last few releases. Numbers 10 and 11 were lolis Nowa and Alice, and joining them will be the Iron Princess Ymir! While she's a 700-year-old dwarven princess in canon, aesthetically, she's still a loli. But that doesn't stop her from having a pretty cool design. In stark contrast to her somewhat skimpy gothic-lolita garb is her large iron gauntlet, and her even larger battle-axe! Speaking of the gauntlet, each of its fingers and the thumb all have Revolver joints, so you can make all the obscene hand gestures you want. But it wouldn't be a Queen's Blade Figure without a cast-off function, so Ymir includes both a torn dress and a pair of untied, falling panties; in addition to a fair few more-than-a-little-suggestive faces. While I do like her design, I'm not really sure I can bring myself to buy a cast-offable loli, personally. Maybe they'll be able to persuade me a bit more if the 2P version has a more interesting palette. Speaking of which...

Now you can have elves in both Christmas colors!

Allyene has been confirmed as the next 2P QB Revoltech, in a rather fetching red outfit. She includes the exact same accessories as the original green release - her spear, torn clothes, some faces and hands, and a cherry. You can see where they're going with this. I think it's time to move on now...

Evangelion Volleyball Collection!?

Continuing the new Evangelion Evolution collection would be Unit 02, the trademark Eva of Asuka Soryuu/Shikinami. And while I never thought I'd be saying this, it seems like Kaiyodo might have finally one-upped the Evangelion Robot Damashiis! Recent reviews of the new Unit 01 have confirmed that the articulation is the same, but the accessories here blow the Damashiis out of the water. Just look:

First off would be the multitude of hands (12!), as well as the flight parts from 2.0. In addition to that, there's also two Progressive Knives and a Railgun Crossbow, but that's not the end of it. The figure also includes an Angel core, and the strangest base I've seen in a long time. Designed to emulate the appearance of the Seventh Angel, this base is unique in that you can plug Unit 02 (or any other figure in the same scale, really) onto it and turn the crank to make it spin in mid-air! Somewhat silly, yes, but undeniably cool. Now you can have Unit 02 perform somersaults, Rider Kicks, or whatever your little heart desires. Overall, I really think the Eva Evo Revoltechs could have dethroned the Damashiis as the king of posable EVAs - while their sculpts are more stylized, they have some of the best accessories I've seen in ages. It makes me wonder what Units 00 and 03 will include - maybe a missile-firing rocket launcher for 00, or rubbery extra arms for 03?

Do the QB Revoltechs interest you, or does the ecchi-ness turn you off (pun not intended)? And how do you feel about the bizarre accessories of the Eva Evo Revoltechs? Sound off below!

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Kajico (USA)
15 Jan 2011, 07:15:41
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If Ymir came out in the black outfit i'd buy it. I did PO the Revol Eva 02 just because i'm a big 02/Asuka fan.
Glory (Russia)
15 Jan 2011, 08:45:09
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Ymir's articulated hair is so cute!
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