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Figure News: My little Figma can't be open for preorders!

Figure News: My little Figma can't be open for preorders!
13 Jan 2011 02:05:18

Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai!, or My Little Sister can't be This Cute! for non-moonspeakers, is fast on its way to becoming the next Haruhi or K-On in terms of merchandising power. Preorders for every bit of OreImo merchandise have been selling like hotcakes, so it only seems natural that Max Factory would want to get a ticket for that hype-train. So they're releasing a Figma of the titular little sister, Kirino Kousaka!

Noriko Takaya called, she wants her pose back.

The Figma of Kirino doesn't really bring much to the table in terms of design (A schoolgirl? In the FIGMA line!?) or accessories, so its sales are probably going to be dependent on the appeal of the character. She comes with a bag and a DVD case of the show-within-a-show Hoshikuzu Witch Meruru, but that's it for external accessories. The rest of her content comes in the form of alternate parts for her body - in addition to the previously-mentioned Gunbuster-pose-arms, she includes both shoe-and-sock-clad feet and three faces (tsun, very tsun, and dere). So I think Max Factory is banking on the appeal of the character to sell this Figma, which may have been an unwise move - many people found Kirino to be more and more unlikable as the show went on. Regardless, going by the sales of her other merchanidse, it seems Japan still thinks that this little sister really can't be this cute.

And while Max Factory has been quick to capitalize on popular new shows, they're also revisiting one of 2009's hits in the form of their Bakemonogatari Figmas. Joining the previously-announced Hitagi is Koyomi Araragi.

You'd look discontent too if you had to put up with so many mutilation-themed accessories.

The indifferent former vampire is joining the Figma lineup and, like Kirino, is largely focused on alternate body parts rather than separate accessories (he only gets a bag). His alternate parts include three faces (bored, terrified, and the "why-didn't-you-laugh-at-my-joke" face), an alternate hair part to expose his left eye, a pointy ahoge for when he's startled, and an effect part to recreate the infamous "rainbow-guro-scene." He also includes two extra hands for Hitagi, which can either be used to recreate key scenes from the anime or to depict her as a serial killer. Personally, I think the latter could be more amusing, but I digress. Both Ararararagi and Kirino will be shipping in May. But wait! This doesn't end with just Figmas!


This release probably isn't going to be too significant to most of you, but nostalgia made me add it to this article. Moomin (which was actually an anime, a Swedish-Japanese collaboration) was one of my favorite shows growing up, and I always had a soft spot for the Moomin characters. So you can imagine how I felt when Kaiyodo announced this set of Moomin trading figures. Not only does Kaiyodo have a knack for making great trading figures (their Pokémon ones come to mind), but this also means that Kaiyodo has the Moomin license. Imagine. Moomin Revoltechs. I dunno about you, but I think the Groke would make for a fascinating Revoltech.

This might cause traumatic childhood memories to emerge for some European readers...

Anyway, would Moomin Revoltechs be a good idea, or am I just insane? And how do you feel about the new Figmas? Sound off below!
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TomatheSpook (Russia)
13 Jan 2011, 03:39:43
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Those moomins *----*
It's one of my all-time favourite books, I just need them *0*
Thanks a lot for showing them here
Секретарша Валлефора.
ToonAddict (USA)
13 Jan 2011, 04:38:13
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Does anyone else think the Groke looks a lot like Grimace from the old McDonald's ads?
KururuSouchou (USA)
14 Jan 2011, 20:03:51
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McDonalds Figma Series. IMAGINE.
blackmercury (Russia)
13 Jan 2011, 05:07:00
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I've ordered this My Little Sister figma
Ahegyao (USA)
13 Jan 2011, 05:59:47
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Preordered Kirino and Arararagi out of a whim. The lack of accessories is a bummer, but for the price I guess it's fair. I'll hit up on Hitagi once I get the cash.
I love plastic crack
no photo
a124214 (Russia)
13 Jan 2011, 14:11:56
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Preordering Kirino. For sure.
Kajico (USA)
15 Jan 2011, 01:53:16
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Wake me when Kuroneko is out...

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