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Stupid Stuff Sunday: Impractical Mug Design Edition

Stupid Stuff Sunday: Impractical Mug Design Edition
03 Jan 2011 02:41:45

Well, it's Sunday, and you know what that means! Gather round, kiddos, and Uncle Kururu will tell you a story of how he wrestled a bear silly licensed goods!

Erika Sendo Mug - WITH LID!

Something seems off here...

The mug itself isn't what's silly about this product, nor is it the fact that it's decorated with Erika Sendo of FORTUNE ARTERIAL. What's unusual about this mug is that it has a lid! This just makes me wonder why. It's a ceramic mug, so it'll shatter if you break it and it'll retain heat from your beverages, meaning that it would be a horrible choice for taking drinks on the go. But on the other hand, why would you want a lid on a plain old mug? I think we should move on rather than question this paradox of mug design.

The World God Only Knows Canned Bread

It's an unintentional Spongebob reference?

Some character merchandise may be a bit depraved, but at least it makes sense. If a character like Elis or Misaka Mikoto is sexually appealing to otaku, it makes financial sense to appease them by offering dakimakura of the characters. But then there's stuff like this. It's not depraved in the least, but it just makes no sense. Why? Canned bread? And even if you do want to make canned bread, why brand it with The World God Only Knows, of all anime? But wait - it's HONEY-LEMON FLAVORED BREAD. In a can. A TWGOK-can. Yeah.

Hidamari Sketch x365 Zippo Lighter - Hiro

Hiro's flames shall light your way!

This is just an odd combination of character and product. I can understand wanting to make merchandise of Hidamari Sketch - it's a great show, and one that's somewhat untapped as far as merchandise goes. But why, of all things, would one think that Zippo lighters are the ideal product with which to pair Yuno, Miyako, and company? And if you look, many more characters have Zippo lighters of their very own. The Evangelion ones stand out in particular - because it's common knowledge that severing Mari's head will result in a pillar of flame erupting from her neck-stump.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this chronicle of character goods! Now, here's a question for you - who would be the most fitting and unfitting characters you can think of for lighters?
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mu597 (USA)
03 Jan 2011, 04:22:51
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Yukimura is the perfect character for a lighter on so many levels.

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