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Figure News: Nendoroids from Milky Holmes, Panty & Stocking confirmed to be in production

Figure News: Nendoroids from Milky Holmes, Panty & Stocking confirmed to be in production
29 Dec 2010 03:00:04

First off, I'm really, really sorry about the lack of updates over the last ten days. Life has been generally chaotic for me during this time, but things are beginning to simmer down now. Unless something drastic happens, you can expect the normal update schedule to resume just in time for the new year.

But as a belated Christmas present, I present two new Nendoroid announcements which will probably make a lot of people very, very happy.

First up would be a preview of GSC's Comiket unveilings from the currently-popular Tantei Opera Milky Holmes. In addition to a 1/8 PVC of main villain Arsene Lupin, Good Smile also confirmed that all four of the main characters will be getting Nendoroids! Now, I know fans were in despair at the fact that the Sherlock Shellingford Nendoroid was exclusive to a PSP game. Well, fear not, as she's getting a second, standard-release Nendo! This one is labeled "Anime ver.," so it'll probably have different faces and accessories. By the looks of that base, it may even be a Full-Action Nendoroid (a development which I'd gladly welcome more of - my FA Neko-Arc arrived today, and it blows all my other Nendos out of the water in terms of general fun). Anyway, there's also some other stuff, such as a plush toy of the kitten from the anime.

Also notable would be the following unveiling from a recent Gainax panel - Panty and Stocking of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt are also receiving the Nendoroid treatment! While the only thing shown was an unpainted Stocking prototype, I think that they couldn't have picked more fitting characters for the Nendoroid treatment. Hopefully, accessories will include things like their garment-weapons and Chuck.

Preparations for Comiket are also underway (the event starts in two days, if memory serves me), and Max Factory gave a sneak peek at their display for Comiket. Finally colored is the Figma of Makise Kurisu of Steins;Gate fame. They also showed off a silhouette of another, completely-new unveiling.

Personally, I think the head-protusions (horns?) combined with the short stature combined with the fact that it's Comiket (practically Touhou Mecca) makes me think it's Suika Ibuki of Touhou Project, but this could be wrong. I guess we'll find out in a few days!

Could this be the mystery Figma?

Regardless, is anyone here excited at the thought of Milky Holmes or Panty & Stocking Nendoroids? Maybe they have some guesses for the mystery Figma? Sound off below!

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mu597 (USA)
29 Dec 2010, 04:02:21
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Oh god! I'm pretty much tempted by all of this. I do wish that the PS&G nendoroids proportions matched with the anime more as these have the ideal level of articulation for them.
Jobibi (USA)
29 Dec 2010, 05:57:08
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This post is filled with magic and win. I always thought the Milky Holmes were cute but refused to pay exclusive prices for characters I don't even know. A standard run is good. If it's FA, all the better - I eagerly cheer on the furthering of the FA Nendo line.

PSG? The bestest of news. Especially if we also get the demon sisters and Brief.

It's about damn times she gets some color. I'm still glad they fixed the problem with the arms, and I still think people will end up breaking her anyways.

Well, I guess we are about due another Touhou figma soon. Though I was hoping with Sakuya being long out that we'd get some Scarlet Sisters. *sigh* More patience then. Though horns are always welcome. I'm too braindead to make any guess of my own right now. We'll see in two days hopefully!

Nendos and figmas~ nendos and figmas~~ *rolls around*
Impending_Sky (Russia)
29 Dec 2010, 06:06:31
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It's Suika
KururuSouchou (USA)
29 Dec 2010, 14:41:23
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Marvelous. Makes me glad I gave up on attempting to make a custom Suika of my own.
Viridia (USA)
29 Dec 2010, 09:38:42
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Figma Makise Kurisu...Max factory take my money now...

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