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Figure News: Nendoroid Black*Gold Saw now available for pre-order

Figure News: Nendoroid Black*Gold Saw now available for pre-order
26 Nov 2010 03:09:56

Despite the OVA having made its debut months ago, the Black*Rock Shooter hype-train just keeps chugging along. One of the main factors of the hype would be Good Smile Company, who in addition to providing a large portion of the funding for the OVA project, have churned out a consistent stream of Figmas, Nendoroids, PVC statues, phone charms, curry dishes (don't ask), decorated automobiles, and general hype for the Black*Rock Shooter franchise. And the stream is continuing well into next year - there are releases planned up until April, including none other than...

Nendoroid Black*Gold Saw

Probably not the sort you'd want to run into in a dark alley.

Black*Rock Shooter's mysterious enemy (or ally - who knows?) is going to be the third Nendoroid from the B*RS franchise. Some people were predicting it to be Mato or Yomi from the OVA, but I'm kind of glad this isn't the case - a big chunk of B*RS's appeal comes from the over-the-top character designs, and schoolgirl Nendos are a dime a dozen.

"Make one comment about my lack of elbows or knees and I'll cut ya."

B*GS includes a fairly typical assortment of accessories - several hands and arms, two normal faces (angry and... slightly more angry?), and two bent legs. The bent legs look slightly awkward with their 90-degree bends, but they do have a practical purpose.

Broken*Nose Saw?

The bonus set of accessories are one of the major selling points of this Nendoroid - she includes a cliff base to sit on, as well as a goofy CHANxCO face like Black*Rock Shooter and Dead Master before her. Speaking of CHANxCO, GSC actually commissioned her (or him?) to draw a new piece, which can be seen below.

The fact that GSC would commission a new CHANxCO drawing just to base their Nendoroids off of seems to suggest that a Strength Nendoroid is fairly inevitable, and that she'll include parts to recreate the pose seen in the image. Personally, I might have to get that one - I don't know why, but something about that vaguely owl-like Strength just makes me smile. Anyone here interested in Nendoroid Black*Gold Saw, or the indirect announcement of a Nendoroid Strength? Sound off below!

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Jobibi (USA)
26 Nov 2010, 05:35:08
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I think a large part of the reason I still buy into the BRS stuff is to support the artists. I love both Huke and CHANxCO's works a lot. The OVA wasn't great or terrible, but not worth madly collecting sets of. I like to think of it more well... sans OVA. As if they were still original characters that I just liked the designs of (like Busou Shinkis or something).

There are still more OVAs to happen though, rather the makers want to admit it or not. Even if the OVA wasn't received well, the figures are, and they'll make the other OVAs to show off the rest of the characters.

I am also of the belief that the commissioned CHANxCO image pretty well guarantees us Strength Nendo/figmas. And man, will she make for one wicked figma with those crazy hands. I hope they make the tail posable or something.
KururuSouchou (USA)
26 Nov 2010, 20:27:47
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I agree with you on viewing the B*RS franchise as like Busou Shinkis, and I also can't wait for Figma Strength. But I've been looking at the OVA design, and it raises a few questions.

The way her hamhands are attached to her arms reveals that she doesn't seem to have anywhere that would make sense for elbow joints - her actual arm-stumps end above the elbow, and the attachment between the stump-end and the beginning of the hand doesn't really have room for a Figma joint. Maybe they'll do swappable connectors bent at different angles or something.

As for the tail, I think it would be pretty easy to do something like the Revoltech Alien's tail - clear plastic with bendy-wire inside. And the hood's probably going to need a lot of soft PVC...
Jobibi (USA)
26 Nov 2010, 22:06:58
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Hmm... I hadn't really thought of it before. She really will pose a challenge for them, huh? I'm sure though (and I hope) that they'll find a way. The other possible problem I see is that they look really heavy. I'd really hate to have to use an extra stand or two to support them. BRS was already ridiculous enough with that, my thin crowded shelves were furious! >_<;

After the wiggly tail scene, I'd be really disappointed if they didn't make it movable. I really really hope they do! I think it would really help make her even MORE unique of a figma. I also agree with the soft PVC. But at least it seems they've gotten very good and confident with it's use. It just sucks that it's another figure I'll have to air out before really playing with. XD
Impending_Sky (Russia)
26 Nov 2010, 06:25:45
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I cancelled my DM preorder (money money x_x but she isn't my fav character, so it's ok) but I will buy BGS for sure (though I don't need all 9 sets of hands that come with her, only rock and her silly face x)
So where is her third face? Oo I can see only two >.>

(And I want Mato in school uniform or/and her casual outfit as a figma - she would be a good pair for BRS >.<)

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