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Stupid Stuff Sunday: Squid Hat Edition

Stupid Stuff Sunday: Squid Hat Edition
15 Nov 2010 01:27:50

Hello, Shelfers! This week, I'm starting up a new column for the purpose of ending the weekend on a silly note, Stupid Stuff Sunday! Each week, I'll be taking you on a tour of the wacky world of character goods! We'll be starting off with none other than... the Squid Hat!

Shinryaku! Ika-Musume - Squid Hat

Have you ever felt envious of the smooth shape of squid heads? Maybe you've always wanted a pair of tapered head-fins? Well, fear not - COSPA has come to your aid with the revolutionary new Squid Hat! With this evolution-defying headgear, you too can be as aquadynamic as Ika-Musume! Made of a suitably squiddy polyester fiber, you'll be able to invade the land in no time! Tentacles sold separately, de geso.

1/72 Su-47 Berkut, Hoshii Miki ver.

Y'know, I've always thought that Su-47 Berkuts are perfectly nice planes, but they're missing a certain something. Sure, those swept-forward wings may offer a higher lift-to-drag ratio and greater capacity in dogfight maneuvers, but they're not very moe, are they? Well, now they can be! With THE IDOLM@STER's Hoshii Miki plastered on its surface, this is one undeniably moe plane! Maybe the Russian Air Force will repaint one of their Su-47 Berkuts to reflect this revolution in moe jet fighters.

Angel Beats Keyboard

Surfer's Paradise has a series of keyboards that, while a cool concept, get rather awkward when you think about it. I mean, an anime-themed keyboard is a pretty cool idea. Things get odd, however, when you realize that you have to type by repeatedly mashing your fingers in poor Tenshi's face. Of course, there are other options, too, like characters from One Piece and Little Busters - so if you've always wanted to be able to communicate with the Web by poking Tony Tony Chopper, this is the product for you!

I hope you enjoyed this sampling of funny, awkward, and just plain goofy anime goods. See you next week!

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mu597 (USA)
15 Nov 2010, 03:10:33
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OH GOD! those keyboards are a hunt and peck typists worst nightmare, I don't even know how you can find anything on this keyboard...
dark_ogamiya (Russia)
15 Nov 2010, 04:43:09
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Wow! I want this keyboard *_*
Akane (Russia)
15 Nov 2010, 14:53:14
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1. I can see nothing on these keyboards @____@
2. Is it comfortable to use such a colorful keyboard? I'm not so sure...
3. They're really bad for eyes Oo

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