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Figure News: Figma Erio Mondial up for pre-order, Figma Mirai unveiled

Figure News: Figma Erio Mondial up for pre-order, Figma Mirai unveiled
12 Nov 2010 01:32:07

Frankly, it surprises me that Max Factory are still making Nanoha Figmas. As much as I love the franchise, it's pretty much died in Japan, with StrikerS finished and the hype of the movie wearing off. The fickle bunch that is Japan's otaku have moved on to newer properties, and every recent Nanoha Figma (Uniform Fate, Teana, Movie Fate, etc.) have all shelfwarmed. Regardless, MF seems to let the line retire with the recently-unveiled Erio and Caro, the former of which is now available for preorder.

Figma Erio Mondial

No, I'm not gonna make a Boku no Pico joke.

Amusingly, Amiami refers to the token shota as a she, which isn't an unfounded mistake when you consider his appearance and Nanoha's 90%-female cast. Moving on, Erio is somewhat lacking in accessories - there's one extra face, an extra hair-fringe, as well as spiky and rocket-effect parts for the Strada spear. This makes the 3,500-yen price tag rather confusing - he's smaller than even the schoolgirl Figmas, and his accessories use up far less plastic than, say, Black*Rock Shooter or Subaru Nakajima. As much as I want to support more male Figmas (in the futile hope that Zafira or Chrono may get made), Max Factory seems to want the little guy to fail. On the topic of Figmas, a new one was recently given more information.

Yo dawg, I heard you like Figmas, so I put a Figma on your Figma.

Danny Choo's mascot Mirai has been given the green light as a mass-production Figma, with accessories including a crying face, a hankerchief, and a little Figma-scaled ball-jointed-doll. To be blunt, though, I fail to see the appeal in Mirai as a Figma - I'm completely indifferent about Danny and his site, and his mascot is ridiculously generic. Given that other Figma schoolgirls include large, interesting accessories such as drum sets, AK-47s, and mermaid torsos, this generi-ko seems like a pretty mediocre Figma. However, this Figma is due for a March release (preorders will open by the end of the month) on all the usual figure sites, so I suppose we'll see whether Mirai shelfwarms or if Danny's fanbase is large enough to make this Figma sell. And now for something completely different.

COMPOSITE Ver.Ka Captain Haruhi Suzumiya

Revoltech Alien Queen sold separately.

Preorders for this figure opened last week, but I figured that such a silly figure deserved a mention. Why Haruhi is piloting a mutated power-loader, and why she's dressing in her bunny-girl outfit rather than more traditional mecha-pilot gear are both questions that remain unanswered. Regardless, someone at Bandai decided, "wouldn't it be awesomel if we, like, made a figure of Haruhi Suzumiya in some mecha or somethin'? Man, that would be wicked." This bizarre gem is the result. From a figure-perspective, it looks like a solid choice, though - 4,800 yen (less at some retailers) for what's effectively an S.H. Figuarts Haruhi with a Robot Damashii mech-suit. This goofy delight is due out in February.

So, is anyone going to shell out for Erio? Excited or indifferent about Mirai? Amoused by Haruhi's robotic misadventures? Sound off below!
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Viridia (USA)
12 Nov 2010, 01:58:16
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I sometimes wonder how Max Factory decides which characters to make figmas of sometimes...
blackmercury (Russia)
12 Nov 2010, 05:01:23
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Yes. I've just pre-ordered this Haruhi from AmiAmi (3,480 Y)
I don't know who is she (not watched anime) but i like this idea - girl + mecha
Jobibi (USA)
12 Nov 2010, 05:08:33
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It's good to finally see Erio up for preorder, even if he was supposed to be actually OUT next month. It's cool for me though, December is a preorder MESS for me. XD

I wonder if the second Nanoha movie will give the franchise the same boost the first one did. Hopefully enough of a boost to finish out our missing guys. I also wouldn't mind Reinforce getting a figma (it would be like life-sized!) or even Book of Darkness fusion Hayate. Then again I buy up almost every Nanoha figma put out, excluding any plain clothes or school uniform versions. Then when we get to the third movie we can have a Vivio~

I never really understood the appeal of Mirai either. Seriously, she's just some bland girl in a sailor fuku. Not an impressive enough design or beloved enough character to warrant a buy. Maybe a good shelf-warmer for customs.
Amiche (Russia)
12 Nov 2010, 10:26:22
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"a Figma on your Figma" looks like BJD o_O
usagi_joou (Russia)
12 Nov 2010, 20:56:55
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Yo dawg joke made me ROLF

None of this figures are for me. I couldn't care less about Nanoha (never watched it and never intended to), mechas of any sort (with one exclusion - evas) are not my stuff also.

And Mirai figma... it may sound a little rough and I have no intention of making any personal offense to anybody, but I really don't know who would want her aside from hardcore Danny lemmings fans
I'm too old for this shit, ain't I?
Ahegyao (USA)
14 Nov 2010, 21:11:30
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Zafira and Arf, where are you? ;_;

Oh, and don't count off Mirai just yet. She's one of those that will make excellent kitbash specimens.
I love plastic crack

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