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Figure News: Nanoha News

Figure News: Nanoha News
14 Oct 2010 19:30:39

As promised, a second article.

It seems that Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha is still going strong, as the massive flood of merchandise shows no signs of stopping. Good Smile Company in particular is a large contributor to the flood, with things like this Petit Nendoroid two-pack.

"Howdy-doo, Nanoha?"

From the final scene of the due-on-DVD-next-month Nanoha movie comes this set of Petit Nendoroids. There really isn't much to say that this picture doesn't already show - there's no alternate parts or anything, just Nanoha, Fate, and the bridge. This two-pack is due out in February.

Go on, I dare you to display these on your living room coffee table.

Wave is also bringing the Nanoha-hype to their Beach Queens line with Nanoha and Fate, scheduled for release in April. They do have a pretty clever design - their pose is designed to be displayed as a pair, but Nanoha includes a beach ball and Fate an inner tube to hold, so they can be displayed individually without looking strange (similar to the Konata and Kagami ones). They're also reasonably-priced, with Amiami asking 3,100 yen each for them.


Good Smile Company is releasing their fourth ActSta in March. I honestly never got the appeal of the ActSta line - they're in an awkward scale, and every character in the line has a cheaper Figma that's equally posable and high-quality. But there must be some people who like them, if they're already releasing four of them. Come to think of it, why loli-Fate? This may just be me, but I always thought that loli-Fate's costume looked a bit silly - like some sort of loli He-Man character or something. Anyway, if anyone's interested in Fate, she's due out in March.

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Jobibi (USA)
14 Oct 2010, 16:02:40
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The only real appeal to the ActStas for me is the magic circles. Not worth more than triple the price of a figma just for that though. :/

The quality doesn't seem all that great to me. In fact, Fate's joints are showing up worse here than on my figma of her. Wasn't the point of ActSta to be posable but statue quality? Doesn't really look any better than figmas...
KururuSouchou (USA)
14 Oct 2010, 16:09:28
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Y'know, I remember seeing a template for some papercraft magic circles around the internet. If you were to use some of those di:stage clips, that's an easy way to make some Figma magic circles.
Jobibi (USA)
14 Oct 2010, 16:18:50
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Yeah, that's kinda what I was planning to do, minus the di:stage clips because I didn't think about those.
ToonAddict (USA)
14 Oct 2010, 19:34:05
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Anyone else tempted to pick up the Nanoha Beach Queens figure?
Kajico (USA)
15 Oct 2010, 04:06:56
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Man those Wave figures are really pushing the derp factor more than the moe factor. I have ActSta Subaru, hoping to get Teana, Nanoha and Fate later next year after my massive figma flux is over. I love my ActSta Subaru, it's like having a statue you can repose day after day after day. Only problem I have is the stand has become loose very quickly since I bought it a year and a half ago.

I already have on Preorder Petite Nendo Nanoha from the Force book release, and I just put these two on preorder the other day, I didn't really feel like getting the box set. I do hope they release a StrikerS boxset with the Numbers.

As a long time Nanoha fan back since when it first aired, I both love and hate all the merchandising. Back then there were hardly any statues let alone figmas or nendos or anything else, but now there is a ton of it, and it's both making me happy and hurting my wallet at the same time.

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