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Figure News: More D-arts announced, Bandai proves how merciless it is

Figure News: More D-arts announced, Bandai proves how merciless it is
03 Oct 2010 18:03:01

Well, I mentioned this in the Tamashii Nations article, but now that the full list has been translated, I figured I'd give it its own article. Remember how TN showed off a bunch of D-arts, from Beelzemon to Mega Man X? Well, they also unveiled a list of figures they're working on, and all I can say is: PREPARE YOUR WALLET.

The list includes:

Digimon Series:

Rockman/Mega Man Series:
-Zero (Rockman X)
-Zero (Rockman Zero)
-X (Rockman X)
-Rockman (Rockman EXE)

Medarot Series:
-God Emperor
-Arc Beetle
-Sonic Stag

-Samus Aran (Metroid)
-Knight Blazer (Wild Arms 2)
-Thanatos (Persona 3)
-Izanagi (Persona 4)
-Haseo (.hack)
-Link (Legend of Zelda)
-Robomaro (Robot Pokottsu)

Note that not all of these will see fruition. They're trying to make these a reality - the license-holders still have the right to change their mind. But even so, Imperialdramon. Thanatos. SAMUS FREAKIN' ARAN. This line is a gamer's wet dream! Note that so far, the Digimon are all pretty likely. The Mega Man and Medabots characters also have a pretty high chance, as they already have the licenses. Atlus tends to be pretty chill about letting companies make figures, so I can see the Personas happening. The only ones that may pose an issue are Samus and Link, because Nintendo tends to be pretty touchy about "protecting the integrity of their franchises" (while marketing another Mii-based shovelware game).

But still, I figure that most people here will be able to find something to look forward to - this could be the Sci-Fi Revoltech of video games.
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mu597 (USA)
03 Oct 2010, 10:21:29
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Strangely nothing on this list particularly appeals to me. I hope Bandai makes megaman legends figuarts eventually. It would be awesome if bandai did start making random game characters though.
Jobibi (USA)
03 Oct 2010, 10:21:52
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Wait, a .hack figure? Oh good god that better happen and it better be awesome. I've always been pissed that there's never been anything decent for the series, especially with all the amazing designs in GU.

Also - more LoZ, Persona, and Metroid is always good too.
Glory (Russia)
03 Oct 2010, 20:16:47
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Haseo figurine tickles my fancy too! Though I would prefer to have .HACK Sign figures, not Roots or GU.
But I can't understand clearly what so special about D-Arts?
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KururuSouchou (USA)
04 Oct 2010, 02:38:15
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The thing is, Bandai's S.H. Figuarts line is known for having really high quality and articulation. D-arts is so far looking like a Figuarts sub-line with a lot more characters, which is why people are so excited.
Kajico (USA)
04 Oct 2010, 01:58:24
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D-Arts Gridman, hell yeah. Hope it's better than UltraAct Ultraman.

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