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Figure News: Preorders, Preorders Everywhere

Figure News: Preorders, Preorders Everywhere
01 Oct 2010 22:25:08

Oh my. It seems that in all of the Tamashii Nations hype (SRC GAOGAIGAR), a lot of manufacturers have quietly opened up preorders. There's everything from Revoltechs to Nendoroids, so let's take a tour of the new offerings!

Remember those Figuarts Bandai leaked before TN? Well, they've gone up for preorder, including Kazuma, who's due out in January.

Also up for order are Cure Marine and Cure Blossom. The release date is up in the air for these two - Amiami states it's in January, but HLJ states that it's in October. I'm more inclined to believe the former, because October would be really too sudden for these two.

"What am I!?"

Phat Company is also making their PVC debut, with the not-quite-a-Vocaloid Lily. This piece comes out in January 2011 - if it's anything like their DokiDoki Animal Series (the alpaca from which is currently being ridden by my Figma Haruhi), it'll be a solid figure (if nothing to write home about).

"I wuv this music pwayer..."

Preorders also opened for the Figma release of teh Rei herself, for a January release. One new accessory that wasn't shown in the Hobby Japan scans is Shinji's music player. While it's a nice addition, it makes me suspect that there are no plans for a Shinji Figma. Oh, Max Factory, why do you seem to think that male characters never sell?

"Are you ready, guys? PUT YA GUNS ON!"

Phat Company, on the other hand, is more than happy to give the males a chance, as their Nendoroid Date Masamune shows. I'm not even a big fan of full-size Nendoroids, but I'm such a sucker for Sengoku Basara that I may have to grab this guy. Date will be putting his guns on in January.

Where's Admiral Ackbar when you need him?

Max Factory is also releasing their second Nendoroid - Hayate the Combat Butler himself! He comes with both his standard body, as well as his "Hermione Ayasaki" alter-ego. This trap is due out in December.

Yup, you'll have a headless body to display with Ui. I smell a closet yandere...

Continuing the trend of two bodies with one Nendoroid is K-On's Ui Hirasawa. Frankly, I wonder why they don't just throw in a second head and set of hair so you can display both bodies simultaneously.

"Yeah, I'm hideous. But at least my head isn't shaped like a dong, like that other guy's is."

From 80s classic Aliens comes a Revoltech of the terrifying Queen Alien. While it's not in scale by any means, this thing is still huge - 12 inches long! The Queen ships in December, so she shall make a majestic steed for Love Machine.

"Argh! I HATE department stores!"

Godzilla's fellow Toho kaiju Rodan is also shipping in December. In addition to a flight-styled base, Rodan includes a breakable, in-scale Iwataya Department Store. I must admit, including bits of scenery with each Revoltech kaiju is certainly a clever move - if you collect them all, you'll have a city for them to wreck!

There are also preorders for a number of rereleases, including Good Smile's Hitagi Senjougahara, Kotobukiya's Yukari Yakumo, and Figuarts Kamen Rider Double CycloneJoker and Kamen Rider Decade VIOLENT EMOTION, as well as more slots opening for Figma Mari.

Anything in this batch that interests you? I'm tempted by Rei, Cure Marine, and Nendo Date. Share your thoughts below!
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Kajico (USA)
01 Oct 2010, 15:01:10
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Hobby Stock also has them listed as January 2011 release, so I'm inclined to believe they are indeed a January release. Which is such a pain for my wallet considering all the figmas and statues out that month. Don't even have figma Kos-Mos up for preorder yet.
Ahegyao (USA)
01 Oct 2010, 18:54:46
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Following your blog makes my wallet hurt...in a good way.

In regards to Revoltech's Classic horror lineup, will Freddy Kreuger and the predator be on the list? Just seems appropriate for these guys to go on wacky adventures with the Alien and Jason.
I love plastic crack
KururuSouchou (USA)
02 Oct 2010, 05:42:34
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The Predator was confirmed (as it appeared in the original movie rather than AVP) to be in the pipeline, but no word on Freddy yet. I really wouldn't be surprised if they announced a Freddy at the upcoming Revoltech Expo later this month.
Glory (Russia)
03 Oct 2010, 07:38:39
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Can't say I'm really interested in something from the list, but both Rei and this mysterious Lily figurine look neat. I don't collect figmas (except for BRS series), so I'll pass on Rei; and as to Lily, I like her dinamic pose, but that's not enough for me to oder it. Who is she actually? o.O Also I have to say I don't like how Ui nendoroid came out. Her laughing face is sweet, but both others are kind of dodgy :P
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KururuSouchou (USA)
03 Oct 2010, 08:50:35
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Lily is... hard to describe. She uses the Vocaloid2 engine, but wasn't developed by Crypton. Likewise, she was designed by KEI (the same guy who did the Cryton Vocaloids), but was released by another company. She's kind of like Gackpoid and Megpoid in that she's a not-quite-a-Vocaloid-but-close-enough.
Vivi (Russia)
03 Oct 2010, 19:31:18
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I'm really tempted to buy Dato *_*

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