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Figure News: A Certain Trio of Wallet-Killers

Figure News: A Certain Trio of Wallet-Killers
27 Sep 2010 21:45:31

It's official. Max Factory is a brutal, relentless company with the soul objective of sucking wallets dry. Consider the following:

Figma Mikoto Misaka

This alone wasn't too bad. Yes, it was a game exclusive, but it was only one exclusive - and the game was a fighting game, so you could play it without speaking moonspeak anyways. "But surely just Mikoto will be exclusive," the fandom said. "It would be just plain silly to make the others exclusives." Lo and behold:

Figma Shirai Kuroko

Oh look, a Figma of gyrating_washboard.gif.

Her perverted buddy Kuroko is an exclusive, too. For Kuroko and Biribiri, we're looking at 15,600 yen before shipping. And to add insult to injury, Kuroko's included PSP game is a visual novel, so you can't play it unless you speak fluent Japanese. Kuroko's shipping in April (no word on Mikoto). But wait! And you thought the assault was over.

Figma Sister

"Sniping's a good job, mate. It's challenging work, out of doors, I guarantee you won't go hungry, cos at the end of the day, as long as there's 2 people left on the planet, someone's going to want someone dead."

Max Factory is also releasing Figmas of the Sisters, Misaka's army of clones. I must confess, I'm not a huge fan of Railgun, but I've always been partial to the Sisters. So hearing about how Max Factory seems hellbent on preventing filthy gaijins from getting this Figma made me rather disappointed.


First off, there's only gonna be 20,000 of these made. Secondly, they're only gonna be available in May 2011 from Dengeki Online (preorders open on the 8th of October). So rev up those proxies! I can sort of understand why they packed Misaka and Kuroko with PSP games - the games would probably get mediocre sales, so why not milk some sales from the figure fandom? But this honestly confuses me. The Sisters were made for army-building - I know that I'd buy four or five if they were available normally. But MF seems to simultaneously want and reject our money, as they're pretty much killing off a potential goldmine.

Who wouldn't want an army of sniper-lolis?

Anyone gonna bother with these three? I know I would be interested in some Sisters, if they weren't 6,000-7,000 yen each after shipping and proxy costs. Sometimes I don't understand Japan...

UPDATE: There have been rumors (rumors) going around on 2ch that the exclusive, 20,000-batch of Sisters is an early release (shipping as soon as they're manufactured), and that there will be a non-exclusive, non-numbered release (possibly with different accessories) in May. This is not confirmed, but keep your fingers crossed!

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mu597 (USA)
27 Sep 2010, 13:08:05
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Dear Max Factory, Bandai is NOT the company you should be taking marketing advice from!
Jobibi (USA)
27 Sep 2010, 15:40:54
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Don't really know the series, but I must confess that the Sister interests me. Who wouldn't want a figma sniper rifle? Unfortunately I've got tons of other things that I actually know that demand that money first.

But really, what is up with all the exclusive crap lately? Especially with games. It really alienates us non-moon people. I can maybe give some slack for things like Sister, where it's kind of just a slightly different version of another character. But the other things should get normal runs. Friggin' irritating.
Vallefor (Russia)
27 Sep 2010, 21:17:09
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It will be very cool to display 4-6 Sisters together :) But it will be really hard to get them because of exclusives =/
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Velorn (Russia)
27 Sep 2010, 23:34:41
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According to the original series - 20000 Misaka clones were made even in the series Spoiler =)))

PS According to site you used - figma sister is named as "figma MISAKA", coz "ミサカ" is Misaka ;)
I'm sorry for my bad English xD
KururuSouchou (USA)
28 Sep 2010, 03:07:03
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Yeah, I knew about the name, but I'm just using Sister to differentiate them from the Misaka Mikoto Figma.
Kajico (USA)
28 Sep 2010, 17:33:07
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Misaka is a January release, Kuroko is an April release, I have both preordered at Amiami. I am working right now with a proxy service to get at least three Sisters.

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