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26 May 2013 21:57:07

If you live near me then you know about my addiction to the Rin and Len figmas that were released in 2008. These things have been the only things I really wanted that are Rin and Len related, since I already preordered the crap out of everything else under their name. They are my idols. The only thing that was holding me back from fully worshipping these twincest gods that were graced upon this world is that I DONT OWN THOSE FIGMAS.

Now I'm not one to give up, so my search begins where everyone would start out, reliable anime stores to see if any of them were in stock. What I found out was that I had no idea that they would just stop making something that was so popular. Not all of the stores that I searched on are listed here, but these are sites I know you'll recognize.

So then I decide to try out this magical land where everything that you really want if super overpriced! It's called eBay and amazon. Okay, these figmas aren't worth what they are trying to sell us for. I'm not stupid, I think I know how to spot out a ridiculous deal.

So for months and months of my shelf continually building up from other figures and nendoroids and nendo petites, I still wanted these amazing figmas. I didn't care if you didn't have the box, or if your little sister thought it was cute to put stickers on these. [I'd repair it later] because that's how much I wanted them.

My search came to an end when amiami started selling used figures on their site. I was originally going to buy the new kirino kousaka figure that was just scheduled for preorder, but then my eye caught something that made me forget about this figure completely.

Rin and Len Kagamine Figmas were being sold

Once I saw this, they were no longer for sale because, THIS GIRL BOUGHT THEM!!!!

This is why you never give up. There is no moral to this rant, but I just wanted you guys to know how fricken excited I am to finally have these figmas coming my way as we speak! I will not let any of you down with pictures or posts on them, I may even change my account so that you can see their full potential on every inch of my profile.

And a quote from me to my dad, "I am not obsessed with them, I just have a very large collection that I tend to everyday because I love them more than anything else." -Me
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BadWolfVindici (Russia)
27 May 2013, 08:20:22
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Congrats with such a lond-wanted items! BTW, has such a devoted collector ordered 1/8 scales GSC decided to re-release? :)
But i'm a little surprised that you went to amazon and ebay prior to look for these figmas on Rakuten and Mandarake. The two shops are like second-hand figure heaven after all :)
"That's why you shouldn't make vows. The moment you do, fate starts conspiring to shove them down your throat." (Royce)
Kirino (USA)
27 May 2013, 18:29:32
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Yes indeed I have!~~~~ And I'm still new to the interned buying, so I didn't really know what was reliable or not~
BadWolfVindici (Russia)
27 May 2013, 19:01:44
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Congrats on this as well then! ^^
Oh. But u will know now, right? ^^ Mandarake is a great shop but u need to monitor it really often if u wanna get some popular item. Still they have the best prices on already released and sold-out-everywhere figures if u can spot one. A few words about Mandarake. Rakuten is good too but there u can find some overpriced items along with really good prices. A few words about Rakuten. Oh, and in both Mandarake and Rakuten u should use original Japanese titles to get the best search results :) The main advantage of using those two shops is that u won't get a bootleg.
I hope that this wall of words helped a little ^^'
"That's why you shouldn't make vows. The moment you do, fate starts conspiring to shove them down your throat." (Royce)

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