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Horror Story!

Horror Story!
16 Jun 2011 14:25:59

Hey guys! I thought i'd share with you a little figure horror story that happened to me haha. Maybe not so much a horror as a story of someone reeeeeally unlucky. Before i start I just wanna say i buy all my figures from eBay and this is the first time this has happened,most sellers are reliable. ^_^

This all took place at the begining of 2011. Long before valentines day i knew what i wanted as a gift from my boyfriend:Lineage II Dwarf figure. He agreed and pre-ordered me the figure months early. The seller i had bought from did not actually have the figure on her release date and I had to wait until he had her in stock. A few weeks after valentines day my dwarf finally arrived and i was sooo excited! This is what i got....

Yep, broken. I was very upset and messaged the seller straight away. The first reply i got was him offering to take $30 off the price if i keep it. NO WAY. I was insulted and demanded he either give me a replacement or full refund. He agreed to give me a refund if i sent him the figure back. I packaged her up and sent her to the return address. Only after i had confirmed that i had sent her did the seller suddenly drop the bombshell that he has apparently moved house. I never got my money back.

However, my boyfriend bought me a replacement figure from a different seller. Thats it, i will have my figure and can just forget this ever happened right? WRONG. I few weeks later my replacement dwarf arrived. This is whati got:


A headless dwarf! i couldnt believe it, this happened again?!As you can imagine i was very upset.Once again i messaged the seller straight away. This seller was far more reasonable and offred to send a replacement straight away free of charge. I paid her a little extra just to ensure extra packaging.I got to keep the broken figure, i knew my best friend wanted one, so i glued her head back on with some special repair glue my dad has. I was able to make her look good as new with the break completely undetectable and my friend was happy to take her. :)

And after waiting a few more weeks, at long last my 3rd lineage dwarf figure finally arrived, unbroken. xD

The end :D
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Last_Wolf (Russia)
16 Jun 2011, 14:28:12
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This is horrible!
KsuChopa (Russia)
16 Jun 2011, 14:51:26
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Sotyan (Russia)
16 Jun 2011, 15:20:17
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я кэп, обращайтесь >:D
Azusa (Russia)
16 Jun 2011, 15:50:08
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Oh My God!
dixxie (Russia)
16 Jun 2011, 16:48:59
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I'm glad that everything ended well =)
MrsSkeeter (Germany)
16 Jun 2011, 18:56:30
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OMG That must have been very unpleasant. I would've given up on attempt #2!
16 Jun 2011, 21:11:15
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Yowza!! I'm glad you got the beauty in good shape in the end, though!
ibakura (Ukraine)
17 Jun 2011, 07:07:15
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norfolk_s3d (Russia)
17 Jun 2011, 09:18:15
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>at long last my 3rd lineage dwarf figure finally arrived, unbroken. xD
Well... put it up on Ebay
Chiaki (Australia)
17 Jun 2011, 12:16:09
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O wow.

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