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Mikatan allegedly leeks Figma #100 - UPDATED

Mikatan allegedly leeks Figma #100 - UPDATED
03 Feb 2011 18:44:40

Rumors abound that Figma #100 will be Miku Append. A few weeks ago blurry pictures of the Figma #100 prototype were released to the public, leading to much speculation that this would be Miku Append. Well apparently Mikatan's blog leaks an accidental confirmation to these rumors. In the 2008-2011 Figma lineup poster to be handed out at WonFes 13, on the top left hand corner you can plainly see Miku Append's head.

The above image was posted on Mikatan's blog and has since been removed. This is great news to us Miku fans. It is an obvious confirmation of these rumors, however if by chance Miku Append does not turn out to be Figma #100, hey, we're still getting a Miku Append figma.

Miku Append as she appears in Project Diva 2nd [PSP left] [Arcade right]

Confirmation at last first shot of Figma Miku Append!

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Impending_Sky (Russia)
03 Feb 2011, 19:01:09
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I hope she will be cute and not exclusive x)
mu597 (USA)
03 Feb 2011, 19:16:20
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You can also see White Rock Shooter's head too! :D
minorin_rin (Russia)
03 Feb 2011, 19:28:34
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I like Miku
Jobibi (USA)
04 Feb 2011, 02:36:10
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Well, that's cool too I guess. I had been wanting an Append Miku, just didn't expect it to be the 100 (though it was a guess at the blurry picture). It's a bit disappointing that it's not Sailor Moon or something else a bit more out there or unique, but hopefully it will at least lead to Append figmas of the Kagamine twins and even more hopefully a friggin' Kaito figma already. Honestly, if they're going to make Vocaloid figmas then where the hell is my Kaito? ;~;
Kajico (USA)
04 Feb 2011, 07:42:15
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As much as I would love Sailor Moon figmas I am highly doubtful Max Factory could acquire the license. As far as I remember Sailor Moon is a Toei license which would fall under Bandai jurisdiction. So possibly S.H. Figuarts for Sailor Moon are more likely. Bandai is trying to open a Tamashii Web market in the U.S. Figuarts falls under their control, if this is the case Westerners can push for Sailor Moon Figuarts and Bandai of Japan may actually listen for a change. Here's hoping.
KururuSouchou (USA)
04 Feb 2011, 12:08:56
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I think that Append Miku is a perfectly reasonable choice for Figma #100. Miku is a popular character, but at the same time, MF isn't showing a bias towards any one anime. At least it's better than that GSC mascot.

But at any rate, I'm more excited for WF's other Figma offerings. I'm hoping for jointed Sunred and Vamp, colored Archer, and maybe another Persona Figma.
LovelyAthena112 (USA)
05 Feb 2011, 05:38:23
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Can't wait for this Figma~
Gimme Moe Figures!
Viridia (USA)
05 Feb 2011, 06:54:06
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I wonder if Append Miku's face is compatible with the original Miku's faces and vica versa... Nonetheless I' am quite pleased with Append Miku being Figma #100.

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