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Holiday mischief!

Holiday mischief!
16 Dec 2010 03:53:11

Long time no actual post, I know. But a festive mood has forced me to. I'm also lonely because I have the house to myself right now, so I'm talkative. :P At least it's partly about figures!

'Prank gifting' has been in my family for generations, I being of the most recent generation. I'm at least the 3rd gen - my grandfather notorious for taping coins to fruit as gifts (orange & a quarter is my personal favorite, for highest value in money and fruit). My mother would put ball bearings in the gifts and try to make you shake it and guess before opening. My father would hide the largest gift and reveal it later in the day - when you least expect it. Sometimes even dragging you outside to get it where it's really freaking cold. You had to earn it, y'know.

This year I finally have money of my own so I can buy other people gifts! This is a huge joy for me, despite the idea of forking off all my cash. XD In the end I might have gone a bit far, especially in trying to get gifts for my boyfriend. He's offered to get First 4's Link & Midna statue for me as my gift (that's $350!! Jeez!), even though I'll have to wait until Q2 to actually get it. I had initially only gotten him one thing-ish, but felt I should get more to even us out a bit. So then I got him 3 things, technically 6 since they're all sets.

We'll be doing our Christmas this weekend, since with all the family stuff going on we probably won't see each other again until January. I couldn't decide how to wrap his gift, so I asked him. Should I wrap them all separately or all in one box? "lol both!" YES. Why hadn't I thought of it before? He has made the mistake of telling me that he likes gag gifts, and so a new tradition shall be born.

Here's my arsenal. I intend to be annoying and festive! We have some hand cut confetti stars, glitter poms, and jingle bells (makes shaking much more fun!). Not pictured we also have packing peanuts - the scourge of packing materials!

Well, I was also feeling a bit 'green' this year. I've been saving all the packing paper from every package I get. I didn't want to waste $15 of my mom's wrapping paper for my silly prank, so I reused that. I drew festive designs on each one so that it wouldn't look as bad or that I cheaped out. It will also help me identify who's who as he opens them.

I got him 3 different sets of Sega EVA figures. The first are the Festival Night set. Rei is the wreath, and Asuka the tree. These ones are extra mischievous, as there's another wrapped box inside them. XD Unfortunately, these are the only ones I could pull this on as I didn't have enough smaller boxes. Even better, they're the boxes from the Tales of Vesperia trading figures, so maybe it will throw him for a minute?

Here we have the Sweet Witch set - Asuka the spikier one on the left, Rei the rounder one on the right. You can also see my reference ribbon. :P I'm no good at drawing snowflakes, but these didn't turn out too bad.

And lastly, the Dark Brigade set. Rei's the snowman, and Asuka the Santa. I hope he tears these ones carefully because I really like how they turned out. ;_;

All of these are packed in another larger box, which is again wrapped, this time with actual wrapping paper. Has to look nice, y'know? So yes, that means in one case, there is a wrapped box within a wrapped box within yet another wrapped box. This big box is also filled with tons of the confetti and glitter poms. And packing peanuts. I think I can't wait even more than him. :D

So, are there any prank gifters in your family?
Do you do prank gifts?
What's the best prank pulled on you, if any have? (not that I'm looking for ideas or anything, nooooo. ;P)
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mu597 (USA)
16 Dec 2010, 05:31:59
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AWWW... Those presents look so charming with those illustrations on them.

Last Christmas my mom got me the Beatles boxed set (witch is fairly small) But she wrapped it inside multiple boxes so it looked rather large under the tree.
Jobibi (USA)
16 Dec 2010, 18:05:06
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Thank you very much! ^^ I'm thinking that if I get to participate in the Shelf gift exchange next year, I might do something like this, but with better (not wrinkly) paper and illustrations with a bit more time and effort in them.

I was thinking of doing that for my dad's gift this year. My mom's takes up two large boxes but his is much smaller, so I want it to seem more grand.
MrsSkeeter (Germany)
16 Dec 2010, 10:40:58
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they look so cute!)
Jobibi (USA)
16 Dec 2010, 18:05:21
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Thank you! :)
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a124214 (Netherlands)
16 Dec 2010, 12:25:07
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those look soooooo nice :3

>> Do you do prank gifts?
Well, dunno, but there was this story.

Once there was my classmate's birthday. I and the other guys decided to do something really special and interesting. So, as a present we chose a nice computer game and a cd of his favourite band. We took those to the block of flats where I live in and put them in my mailbox. We took the mailbox key, put it in a little polyethylene bag, filled that bag with water and put it in a freezer. As a result we got a piece of ice with a key inside.
We all came to his house to celebrate and granted him with that piece of ice. He looked kinda surprised. We told him what's up with that key, he understood. The guy spent about half of an hour to decide how to break that thing. Finally he got the key, we had to stop celebrating a bit, 'cause we had to walk to my house. When we arrived there, he opened the mailbox and got his present. Yay. He was very happy.

That was fun.
Jobibi (USA)
16 Dec 2010, 18:10:24
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Oh, that's a good one! XD I don't know that I could ever pull it off though, on my boyfriend at least. I have to travel a long way to his house, and where I live by then it would be melted. My parents are too patient and would just leave it soaking in the sink with warm water until it melted. I like the idea too much now, so I'll find a way to use it one day! ^^

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