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Nendo-corner: Bootlegs!

Nendo-corner: Bootlegs!
01 Feb 2011 14:25:06

Let's see what's the difference between an original product and fake one =3 GSC has usefull posts about nendo-bootlegs on their website and it helps a lot.
Originals marked (red) and bootlegs marked (blue).
Фотографии с оригинальными фигурками помечены красным, с подделками - синим.


На коробке отсутствует наклейка с названием версии.

Также нет голографической наклейки (или она совершенно не похожа на настоящую, сравните на фотографиях).

Различается жирность (или шрифт).

Качество фотографий на обороте хуже.

На фоне коробки отсутствует узор.

Внутренние боковинки коробки меньше и без инструкций (или без картинок).

На оригинальной упаковке снежинки рельефны, на подделке просто напечатаны.


На оригинальной подставке всегда присутствует копирайт.

(no comments >.<)

(more pics)

(more pics)

(пластик блестит)


Я не стала много расписывать, думаю что фотографии говорят сами за себя - в большинстве случаев подделку от оригинала отличить достаточно легко. Будьте бдительны

UPD: three more figures to compare
- Saber
- Saber 2
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Kajico (USA)
01 Feb 2011, 23:27:41
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I am always amazed that despite the really bad quality of bootlegs people still choose to purchase them over the real thing to save on the cost. I guess it's a bit elitist of me but I'd rather spend 60$ on a Nendo Snow Miku than 40$ on a Bootleg Snow Miku. Having just obtained an original Nendo Snow Miku recently it is 100% worth it :D
Sparkey (Australia)
08 Mar 2012, 09:58:22
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Gee, $40 on a bootleg? That's pretty painful since you can pick them up for less than $20 online. I see bootleg nendos listed on eBay all the time, and, surprisingly, many sellers actually admit in the listing that their figures are bootleg.
If people are really going to buy horrible bootlegs just to save money, at least they should do it properly. Sheesh!
Figure Collector since 2011!
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a124214 (Netherlands)
02 Feb 2011, 11:38:04
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thanks for this blogpost
Impending_Sky (Russia)
03 Feb 2011, 11:00:17
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You are welcome ^_^
KururuSouchou (USA)
03 Feb 2011, 00:14:27
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It's weird, I think that the quality of bootleg Nendos has been getting worse lately. I mean, many of the earlier bootlegs (Miku, L, Konata, Haruhi, etc.) were actually not that bad - the major difference was the roughness of the paint and the shinier plastic. But newer ones like Dead Master are bad even by bootleg standards, and I'm not even gonna get started on those Petits. Although I do want to pick up some of those Derpaloids for a friend as a gag gift...
LovelyAthena112 (USA)
05 Feb 2011, 05:32:22
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Thanks! This was very helpful
Gimme Moe Figures!
Sparkey (Australia)
08 Mar 2012, 10:01:08
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I find that the best way to tell if a figure sold online is bootleg is to look at the price (because often they just show pictures of the prototype). If it's less than the RRP on GSC's website, then the figure is a fake.
Also, if it doesn't state explicitly that the figure for sale is authentic from GSC / Max Factory, then I'm wary... though I've never been unlucky enough to end up with a fake.
Figure Collector since 2011!

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