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29 Dec 2010 12:06:02

Today is a first day of Winter Comic Market'79 (will be held till 31.12) and some photos have been already published =3

Three figmas - Kirino, Makise and Suika's prototype

Reading Suruga is cute >.<

I guesse it's a PVC version of Chen's GK, that was made by Trepang.

New set of nendo petits, Nendoroid Petit BGM Commemorative Set.

Milky Holmes nendoroids are going to be released as regular editions

An announcement of upcoming Panty and Stockings nendoroids

Nendoroid Plus Plushies of Saber Extra and Caster (just a design drawing, but they look really cute, maybe GSC will release them as regular nendos too? XD)

Beautiful figures of Belldandy, Lina Inverse and some other girls ^^'

Prize items

TV Anime Okamisan and her Seven Companions Figure Collection BOX prototype figures

Extremely cute (and extremely pricey as well) Mamachapp dolls *___*

via moeyo.com and akibahobby
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mu597 (USA)
29 Dec 2010, 15:00:07
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You know I don't really care for the Panty and Stocking nendoroids because of their designs they haven't been "nendofied" and it just makes them look like they have disproportionately large heads. But because goodsmile has the license hopefully they will make completed models based on the transformation scenes. (thats what I really want)
Impending_Sky (Russia)
29 Dec 2010, 15:07:55
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I don't think their heads look large These characters are perfect to be made in nendo-form =3
mu597 (USA)
29 Dec 2010, 18:45:06
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What I meant was that their designs are already so simple that nothing needed to be simplified and that they just look like they normally do but with larger heads instead of having a chibified look.
29 Dec 2010, 16:30:11
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On the firs image there is a figure of Haruka Morishima in the bottom left corner of the stand. I want that figure so..
There is also a Yuri figure from Angel Beats that I want, she's at the bottom, second from right.
Jobibi (USA)
29 Dec 2010, 18:12:44
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Ah, Milky Holmes doesn't look FA after all. Oh well, I'm still just glad she's getting a standard run. (I do sort of feel sorry for the people that bought into the exclusive ones thinking there would never be a standard run though)

Jesus, Suika has so much detail! It's odd seeing a figma with so much of it, but it looks promising. I can't refuse a girl with horns. @~@

I expect they will eventually do a Saber Extra nendo, but a Caster as well would be AMAZING. Hell, a full nendo of anyone from Fate besides Saber would be cool. And a Caster figma toooo~ Her design is too pretty not to make more figures of. *pout*

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