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Wonder festival 2010

Wonder festival 2010
07 Feb 2010 10:35:24

Just woke up (yap, I'm kinda late today) and skimmed several hobby sites. Wonder Festival pictures really impress this year! Have you already watched them all? No?

Ok... I'm uploading the ones which I appreciate the most. You are welcome to discuss :)
Here we go!

Another insane Miku figurine. Gosh, breathtaking!

I wonder if these huge megaphones would come with her.

The only one BRS picture I found :(

Wow. The Dead Master. I'm considering PO her since I already have BRS and she will look great next to it.

BRS nendo. I'm indifferent to it.

BRS figma. I don't collect figmas. So, no comments.

Another girl from BRS.

Figma Nakano Azusa.

Figma Tainaka Ritsu.

Alter's Mio. Oh, no! What's with her face again? ;(

Alter's Azu-nya. Pretty... average.

Megahouse's Azu-nya. Huh? A clon of Alter's?

Nendo Petite Touhou Project. Kawaii :D

Saber Nendo Fate Stay Night Ver. Cutie :)

Zomg! oO

Mikoto Misaka from Index and Railgun.

She's from Penguin Heart, it seems. I haven't watched it.

Who's this one?

Feena nendo from Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na. Kirei!

And her completed model version. Looks great too.

Max Factory's 1/6 (!) Mari. Brilliant.

MOST WANTED figurine! 1/8 Senjougahara by Good Smile Company. Finally! Posing is sooo great!

And another one from Kotobukiya. Less impressive.

Colored Bakemonogatari Chibi. Gonna PO.

And here is the last trio! Shinobu-chan! Again, PO.

Wow! Every manufacturer suddenly remembered about Bakemonogatari. Lol!

Seems to be a set of Bakemonogatari by Movic.

Hmmm... Another one! Is it a figutto or I got crazy?

Sweeties from Haruhi series.

Haruhi figma.

Asahina Mikuru Adult Ver figma.

Another Haruhi figma.

MOST WANTED figurine #2! Stunning Clalaclan by Alter. Epic one!

Who's this guy? oO

Menace from Queen's Blade. Hoshii! :D

A dwarf from Lineage 2 MMORPG game. With a bow! Lol-lol! So cuuute!

A breathtaking figurine of Aegis. Couldn't get the manufacturer.

*I'm unfamiliar with the last girls, so I left them without any comments.

Pictures source:


What are your MOST WANTED figurines from Wonder Festival 2010?

Mine sub-total:
The Dead Master 1/8 by GSC
Senjougahara 1/8 by GSC
Clalaclan 1/8 by Alter
Nendo Petite Bakemonogatari by GSC

Btw, if you find more cute pics, feel free to create more blog posts. It would be very interesting to have a look.
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Kajico (USA)
07 Feb 2010, 03:14:25
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Holy Crap dat Fate! and Vivio too, sheesh Japan stop violating my wallet.

As much as I like BRS, I prefer the Death Master over BRS Miku I don't like her proportions, plus scythe and floating skulls are awesome.

Aegis and Misaka are getting up on my list, though I don't buy that many statues any more (so expensive ;_;), Hachune Miku and Hachune Miku Mecha statue is really cute but I need to budget myself for this year. So many things coming out.
Eld (Canada)
07 Feb 2010, 05:53:13
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Definitely going to pick up that Miku, assuming they don't screw up the paint job.

Same with dead master.

Same with Bakemonogatari 1/8 figure. Damn Goodsmile's having a field day...

ClanClan is worrying because I'm seeing a lot of gloss job on it already... and I really don't like figures with gloss jobs on what's supposed to be clothes.

Lineage 2 dwarf...How'd I miss that?! If I get a chance, I'll definitely preorder that one.

One sitting on the tree's Natsume from Natsume's Book of Friends, an anime.

The second last one's from Vanillaware's Murasame: The Demon Blade. Same company who made Odin Sphere.

Last one, I might pick it up...great looking figure, and love the little clock to the side.
Nessuno può emendarsi dal peccato che scorre nelle vene
No one can escape the sin that flows in their veins
Glory (Russia)
09 Feb 2010, 06:07:40
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Thanks for the names of the characters I was unfamiliar with.
What do you mean by gloss job? She wears armor, isn't it supposed to shine?
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Eld (Canada)
09 Feb 2010, 16:29:02
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The top part, sure, it's definitely going to be some sort of plate. But the bottom part where the clothes are clearly flowing? I'm not familiar with the outfit, but somehow I'm doubting it's supposed to be metallic or leathery...yet it's glossy.

Yeah, I have this thing against glossy parts. with some exceptions :P
Nessuno può emendarsi dal peccato che scorre nelle vene
No one can escape the sin that flows in their veins
pluvia33 (USA)
07 Feb 2010, 06:11:58
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Ohhh, some very nice things coming up. Some most wanted....

Misaka: Very simple looking figure, but probably the most well done that I've seen so far. Now I'm glad I couldn't find the Kotobukiya Misaka at Ohayocon. ^_^

1/8 Senjougahara: Yay! Personally I'm not sure which one I like more. I actually like the simplicity of the Kotobukiya and like the expression on her face. I'll need to see them painted before I make my decision.

Bakemonogatari Nendoroid Petite: More yay! I was wondering if they were going to do all of the girls. But looks like the last member of the cast, Oshino Meme, is going to be left out. That's a little disapointing. I think he'd be a cute chibi.

Senjougahara Figma: Hmmmm, maybe she can be my first non-Haruhi Figma? Eh, I'll probably be content with the Nendoroid Petite and 1/8 figure. Still pretty cool that Bakemonogatari is getting so much figure love. ^_^

New Haruhi: Alternate Nagato and Haruhi Nendoroids look so damn cute! Young Haruhi, Adult Mikuru, and Alternate Haruhi Figmas are must buys. Will be the first time I'll buy Haruhi figmas since the original uniform versions of the cast. Maybe they'll do Alternate Nagato, too? And Alternate Koizumi?
Glory (Russia)
09 Feb 2010, 07:02:38
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If you buy nendoroid chibi set and GSC Senjougahara, we will own completely the same Bakemonogatari stuff :D
The rain beats hard at my window
While you so softly do sleep...
pluvia33 (USA)
09 Feb 2010, 17:43:18
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Hmmmm. Then maybe I should shoot for the "less impressive" Kotobukiya just to be different? XD
There's also the spooky cute ending animation Senjougahara that I want. ^_^
Glory (Russia)
10 Feb 2010, 01:02:38
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I haven't said that I didn't want her ;) But yeah, I most likely skip it. Too much Bakemonogatari stuff already... The Kotobukiya one has kind of strange pose. Is she running? But Hitagi was arrogant and used to walk quite slowly in the series. I don't feel Senjougahara under this pose.
The rain beats hard at my window
While you so softly do sleep...
pluvia33 (USA)
10 Feb 2010, 04:54:57
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I think it's almost like she's floating. And there are a few moments where Senjougahara does move very quickly, especially when she has school supplies in her hands. But I actually like how it's not a typical pose and look for her. Like it's one of her few "dere dere" moments. Or that she's faking it and just acting sweet when she's really about to staple the crap out of Araragi. Thinking about it that way makes it more interesting to me than a figure best on a picture I've seen a hundred times. ^_^
mu597 (USA)
07 Feb 2010, 10:58:27
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That love is war miku is crazy i wonder if you could hang it on a wall like this miku.

That mecha miku is also awesome! :)
usagi_joou (Russia)
07 Feb 2010, 11:57:52
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Can't let go for a single moment! My wallet WILL be raped again!

1. Haruhi figmas. Have no choice - I collect them. Phew, and I thought haruhi-figma flow is already over. Blame it on the movie >_<

2. K-on figmas. What was the purpose of going through all this hardship preordering first 3 girls if I won't get 2 others?

3. Nendo Yuki. She is just awesome.


1. Feena nendo. Don't know where is she from, but she is just damn cuuuute^^

2. Mari from Eva. Awesome figure and I just like her character.

3. Alter's girl with katana and flowers in her black hair. Just love her^^


1. BRS figmas. Not interested in the franchise, thought love figures.

2. Max Factory Senjougahara. Figure is super awesome, but I dropped the series so... still thinking^_^
I'm too old for this shit, ain't I?
Velorn (Russia)
10 Feb 2010, 05:36:28
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Nendo-Yuki +1
awesomely cute)
I'm sorry for my bad English xD
Vallefor (Russia)
07 Feb 2010, 21:59:38
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Wow! So many cool figures!

And at last figurines of Senjougahara! The first, from GSC, is more impressive if you ask me. :) Hope it will be easier to buy it than the last K-ON figurines xD

Want to see painted version of 'love is war' Miku. After this Miku I can expect anything :)
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